A naked Hillary Clinton statue appeared in lower Manhattan on Tuesday morning, triggering a fight, according to local news station NY1. The statue depicts Clinton as a chubby figure with horse legs and hooves, standing atop a pile of email printouts spread over what appears to be Libya. There's a Wall Street banker, presumably, sliding out from under her open jacket, moving in to suckle her bare breasts.

The footage posted by shows people kicking and stomping the toppled statue as someone yells "freedom of speech!" and everyone holds up their cellphones. The woman who apparently toppled the statue, starts yelling at a man in sunglasses who the New York Daily News identified as the artist, Anthony Scioli. (The Daily Beast casts some doubt over this identity.)

A snippet of the scene:

The whole thing is about as subtle as the naked Trump statues that appeared in cities around the US, including Seattle , back in August. The body-shaming was about as funny, too.