Liberty Bank Project Is a Beacon of Hope in Rapidly-Gentrifying Central District


"As housing prices have surged, white Seattleites have swooped into the historically black neighborhood to take advantage of cheaper rents, displacing long-time residents."

That is not *at all* what has happened in the Central District. Does The Stranger even have editors anymore? Are they hiring from Job Corps?
The Stranger whines and whines about "Gentrification" but also endorses ST3 which will only increase the pace of Gentrification in Seattle.

But hey who needs consistency....?
How will ST3 "increase the pace of gentrification"?
@2: Seattle is the hottest construction market in the US. that's what's increasing the pace of gentrification. we're gaining jobs and population, and housing development can't keep pace.

supply and demand. a train 15 years down the line ain't affecting that.