The Morning News: Pregnant Muckleshoot Woman Fatally Shot by Deputies, 83 Protesters Arrested at Standing Rock


Crimony, KCSD. There's got to be a better way. Where were the Muckleshoot police?
Where were these concerned friends and family? Why did they call the police instead of go and visit their loved one?
>Ballard businesses aren't exactly known for being friendly towards people struggling with homelessness

because Ballard has longtime been home to the absolute worst of the homeless. go knock on one of those rotten Chinook RVs and see if you get met with a smiling face in need or the stench of meth and piss.
@3 you watch too many movies. Also you're an asshole.
OK, the toddler, dog and teddy bear story really broke my damaged, damaged heart.
Seattle Times lately is pushing out an ST3 tax increase calculator for property, sales and RTA tax. It only shows your estimated increase (I get $1250), not your current estimated tax bill. They also don't break it down by category. Current car tabs and property tax are easy to look up, sales tax not so much.

While it doesn't matter much to the ol' budget, it would be interesting to know what percent increase this represents. Anyone know what method they're using to estimate sales tax based on household income?

Larger question: is their calculation worth shit for accuracy?
Since you asked, I sided with the SECB majority and voted for I-732, because perfect should not be the enemy of good. Like Obamacare, it's better to have a starting place - so that it's easier to fix problems with it later - than nothing at all.

@5: He often is, though in this case I have to agree with him. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, everyone can agree that a woman (and in this case, a pregnant one) being shot and killed in front of her small children is an awful tragedy. This also just happened, and the sheriff's office hasn't released anything since the initial report, so jumping to conclusions is premature.
@8: what @5 was getting at is that @3 is laying out the most extreme possibilities (women, in general, don't tend to be fucking Josh Powell when they're depressed), not the most likely possibilities.

How about we have a guideline that when the cops are called to check on a possibly suicidal person they lock their weapons in their car before approaching the door? Because treating every situation like they're entering a warzone ends up creating warzones, and checking on the well being of a human is a job that doesn't require a killing machine.
@10 how about instead of sending a high school graduate with a gun to check on the well being of your loved one you get up and go do it?
@11 tl;dr
@12- I have no idea why the police were called, but they were. We don't pay the wages of everyone in King County, but we do pay the Sherriff's department wages. So we get to tell them how to do their job. So @12, is there something wrong with my suggestion?
@14 The tribe has an agreement with the county and they pay this deputies wages. So why haven't we heard anything from the tribe yet?
Look, facts2supportURpoint is actually correct here. When someone has a gun, the situation can go bad very quickly, beyond what even trained and experienced officers can safely manage. And when mental illness is thrown in, things get even worse.
All the more reason to have special crisis response teams who are trained to deescalate situations involving severe mental illness.
If cops want us to believe them when they say they had to shoot somebody, they ought to stop blocking effective independent oversight. Stop acting guilty.