Bernie Sanders Is Crushing It, Raising Millions to Flip the Senate and Promising to Oppose Clinton if Necessary


This is good commonsense.
No thanks. Democrats have to clean house. I'm really pissed about Patty Murray voting to fast track TPP, and I'm just as mad at her voting to overturn Obama's sensible 9/11 lawsuit veto.
This is why we should elect Pramila Jayapal in CD7, and ignore Savage when he tells us to vote for that yuppie.
Go Bernie!
@2 Christ on a stick! Is your soup ever the right temperature?

@3 Jayapal is more progressive than Walkinshaw on what issues? I-732?
Wait a minute, what? Sanders asks you to help flip the House and Senate by raising $$$ for 13 candidates ... one of which is Pramila Jayapal.

Regardless of your take on Jayapal, can you possibly imagine in your wildest fever dreams that the WA-7 contest has anything to do with flipping the House?

Sanders can move million$$ by blasting emails with Ryan taglines, and Ryan can move million$$ by blasting emails with Sanders taglines, and they're both playing on the cupidity of their least savvy followers.
FYI, other House races on Bernie's list include:
NY-19 (open seat, leans R, winnable)
CO-6 (incumbent R, winnable)
MN-8 (incumbent D, falling from favorite to underdog)
MI-6 (incumbent R, likely out of play)
CA-44 (safe Dem district, D vs D contest a la WA-7)
ND-AL (incumbent R, no shot)
WI-8 (open seat, district leans R, race leans R, 2nd-tier prospect but falling off radar)
As for "crushing it", $2.4M is on the order of a penny per US registered voter.

If that sum were devoted to a single flippable House seat (which it's not), it'd be on the order of $5 a head -- not enough to determine the outcome, but enough to push the opposition to respond in kind.
@5 Nope. Democrats fucked up royally with the TPP and TTIP free trade giveaways. Those are gigantic pieces of legislation that I don't think many people have actually thought about yet.
@10 -- Interesting.

Wouldn't a goddam REAL socialist advocate for open bilateral trade (increasing aggregate output on both sides of the trade relatinship) in conjunction with socialized redistribution of the resulting gains?

Of course he would.
Sanders can't flip the Senate. The voters must flip the Senate. That means all the Sanders supporters who refuse to vote because he's not the Presidential candidate, need to pull their thumbs out of their mouths, stop sulking, and VOTE. There's more at stake in this election than just who is elected President.
Sanders hasn't gotten anything done in the last 30 years in DC, why would he suddenly be effective now?