Washington Tribes to Obama: "The System Is Broken and Needs to Be Fixed"


Update NEPA? It would be a Cladoosby of a surprise if that happened.

The only hope of enacting that level of an agenda is a Democratic takeover of the HoR & Senate. It won't happen in a lame duck session. Nothing will, because GOP petulance.

Bernie will fix this
@1 Then we must do what we can to make it happen. It's the fucking 21st Century, it's UNACCEPTABLE to go back to the Trail of Tears and Wounded Knees' time of cultural and literal GENOCIDE!

And the tribes are absolutely correct that ALL OF US must have clean air and clean water to live. Look at Flint and the people living and working in fracking towns, look at the people living in the ten states where this company has dumped fracking toxics into their rivers and poisoned their soil and groundwater. It's just incredible that a company that is being SUED by four states and fined by several more could have received permission for this line!

Of course, it helps that their point person for getting the Army to pretend that this huge pipeline running through FOUR different states was a series of thousands of small unconnected pipes - that could be fast tracked without an EIS - used to WORK FOR THE CORPS.

@3 Did Bernie say anything about climate action? I hear banks, and TPP, but maybe I missed his plan to fix our burning and drowning planet?
@3: "we" can't fix gerrymandered congressional districts until after then 2020 censes and the ensuing election, and then only if "we" control the state legislatures that are the culprits.

don't hold your breath.
The intentional desecration of burial grounds with bulldozer and scraping construction equipment was clearly illegal. The only remedy remaining is restoration of the damaged burial grounds, and some alternate pipeline route with least spill danger and honest effort to construct least visual imposition upon heritage cherished land. Bakkan oil/gas must not otherwise reach markets westward along BNSF Columbia River lines, a more vulnerable place on Mother Earth to oil spill spoilage.