Matt Hickey Arraignment Postponed—He Has to Be Formally Extradited from Nevada First


A prince every step of the way.
maybe they could get him to sign the forms by telling them it's for a job opportunity in the porn industry
sooo is he in lock up, or is he freely roaming Vegas awaiting extradition?
nm, I dunno how I missed that part of the article.
So is Nevada jail nicer than Washington jail? Or is this guy just cutting off his nose to spite his face?
Im not stating it did or didnt happen, but in this country we are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law and our peers. To the mindless men on here who werent there, have no information on the case beyond subjective dictate by the media to get ratings, and to fuel the fire of gender discontent against men, I recommend asking yourselves: In this day and age of accusations against men by women that fly at TV personalities, Sports Athletes and Politicians, college, high school - and even grade school boys, who have already been tried, found guilty and executed by public opinion; would you be rushing your ass back to stand trial? Not everything is as black and white as they say on TV or in the rags.
If you look him up on the Clark County Jail register, he isn't scheduled to see a judge again until December 1st.…
Everyone hates him now but after he does his time and is living in a tent at montlake I guess we'll all have to feel sorry for him and petition the city for subsidized housing?
@7, Court of law =/= court of public opinion. Anyone can read the articles and decide for themselves. The free press that you hold in contempt because they write stories about alleged, unpunished criminal behavior for "ratings" is as important to our justice system as the right to a trial by jury with presumed innocence.
It's even money that Hickey has any knowledge of papers about extradition. "Detention Centers" are basically the worst type of jail (no tv, no common areas, no library, etc - just stuck in your cell 23.5 hours a day). If I were in that scenario, I'd want my trial to begin as soon as possible.
The Stranger is on quite a losing streak. Trump is President and Matt Hickey will be freed!
@12 - Really? What makes you think that? Do you actually know him or are you just trolling the comments?