Protesting Comcast and CenturyLink, Internet Users Get Stuck "Buffering" As They Approach City Hall


Fuck Comcast!

That is all.
If it'll happen anywhere it'll happen in Seattle.

If it happens in Seattle, it will only happen with the tacit approval of CenturyLink (formerly Qwest (formerly US West (formerly Pacific Northwest Bell))). Those waters run deep.

So... it's a non-starter unless it starts only in the places where no company can make a profit selling broadband for $75 a month... and those places get only one City Council representative in our new super-awesome districted elections system.
Here are a few interesting tidbits.

CenturyLink does not sell high speed internet to anyone (including employees) in its HQ city (Monroe, La). This is because they have a non-compete agreement with AT&T. So, how can you (as an employee) recommend your own company's products if you cannot even get them?

CenturyLink has terrible customer service. They do not help customers in a timely manner. I know this because I used to work for them and I got calls from customers complaining about their service even though I worked in the Information Technology department and did not talk to customers at all. These customers called the main HQ number and got into the internal directory and picked the first likely name. I happened to be it a few times.

Finally, CenturyLink's commitment to its employees is severely lacking. From July 2016 to December, they will have laid off approximately 3800 employees just so they could acquire Level 3. Nice.