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The good news is, there is not much news about Trump at the moment. On Politico, nothing except that Trump might lose Texas. Washington Post, again nothing new or surprising (he is now behind Clinton by 6 points, up from 4). In the New York Times, the biggest story is about how Trump voters might start a revolution if that nasty woman wins. This is not really a story at all because clearly these people do not know a damn thing about the social and economic conditions that can ignite a revolt. They are comfortable enough to mistake their racism and sexism for empty stomachs, labor without pay, military oppression, arrests by the secret police, and the disappearance of political prisoners.

Recall those white ranchers (Vanilla ISIS, as some called them) who occupied a park in Oregon earlier this year. Recall how they needed snacks not long after they directly challenged the most powerful government on earth. Now, the way we laughed at their request for snacks is the way we should laugh at any of this talk of white middle-class persons (with their cars, mortgage payments, and 401(k) plans) rebelling against Hillary like she is Marie-Antoinette. Hillary can say: Let them eat hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, bowls of snacks, and watch Monday Night Football! And they can, and they will, and their revolution will end on their sectionals.