WOW!! So it's a genocide now? Maybe the problem with the Regressive Left is they pull the same hyperbole bullshit that the Tea Baggers pull?
@1: Native Americans = the Regressive Left? Who's hyperbolic again?
@2 Yeah that's kinda dumb but it has a point. Calling what they are going through a "genocide" is a great insult to the word. Ironic, of course, because their ancestors were victims of actual genocide.

Given the antagonistic history of the federal government's relations with Native Americans since the founding of this country, a case could be made that the "actual genocide" to which you allude never really ceased.
"pretty damn close to genocide". No, it isn't remotely close, if you understand what the word means. Wild exaggeration doesn't strengthen your point, it weakens it and makes you look ignorant.
Yes. It makes no more sense than the headline.
The phrase "we're still living it [genocide] in 2016" interests me, just like previous commentators.

Roxanne White didn't say "we are survivors of genocide," nor "never forget," but rather "we are still living it."

Native Americans can not undo nor escape nor ignore the many genocidal programs enacted against them in America's past by Europeans and their progeny.

Is this what she means when she says she and other Native Americans are "still living" genocide? Still living genocide in memory only? It seemed a stronger statement than that.

So what else might it mean? I think we can all agree that ancestors of Native Americans are still suffering under unjust laws and treaties written centuries ago. Is there genocidal intent or effect in these persisting, present-day laws and treaties, and is this genocidal legal text continuing to murder Native Americans?

I don't propose answers. I am trying to see with Roxanne's eyes when she says this thing.
Ah now here is an issue upon which America is still Great, shitting on Native Americans.

Keep America Great keep shitting on Native Americans.
If the pipeline is allowed to be built under the Mississippi, JUST UPSTREAM OF THE RESERVATION, the 8,000 people of the Standing Rock Sioux ARE at severe risk of being wiped out when the pipeline leaks and breaks -- yes, WHEN, NOT IF, considering ETP's past and current records of pipeline-breaks and horrific and illegal dumping of toxics practices; and they even admitted that broken pipeline will happen when THEY CHANGED THE FUCKING ROUTE from where lots of white people live to RIGHT NEXT TO SIOUX NATION'S LAND.

That part of river is ALL the Sioux have left, we have ROBBED AND SEIZED EVERYTHING ELSE! The last time, they were FORCED to sign a treaty and give up most of their land under threats of the Feds STARVING them to death; then the fucking Army massacred 300 Sioux at Wounded Knees for DANCING! Now they're being forced to give up the right to safe drinking water! If you don't think that's a problem, go talk to the people in Flint, and all the people whose rivers, streams, groundwater, soil and air are now poisoned by Big Oil and their fracking and dumping practices. Dead in 2, 5, 10, 15 years from cancer or chemical poisoning is still DEAD, and after lots of unbearable pain and suffering too! YES, IT IS GENOCIDE! Unlike the rest of us, The Sioux Nation CAN'T.MOVE.ELSEWHERE. The reservation is ALL they have left that hasn't been stolen!

Inside Climate News' Pulitzer prize-winning Oil Spills Investigation:…

Those Bundy creeps and their moronic followers can point guns at the Feds, and try to take Public Land, and it's all peachy! The Sioux are trying to save their drinking water and the ND Governor allowed dogs to attack them, and tried to arrest a journalist who reported it! He removed their water and blocks the highway to stop people and supplies from reaching the protest camp. Now he has sent the fucking National Guards in to arrest 120 peaceful protesters and JOURNALISTS. If just one person at that camp ever even try to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights and carry a gun, Mr. Andrew-Jackson's-Reincarnation-Governor is going to MURDER THEM ALL! I don't know how much money Big Oil is paying him, but HOW.IS THIS.STILL.ACCEPTABLE.TODAY?

Genocide? Or evolution?
Two civilizations clashed,
one was found severely wanting and ended up in the dustbin of history.
If the tribes are now united, well, good for them.
They never could/did when it counted.
It is unseemly (and, frankly, dishonest) for the top of the food chain to apologize, so we shan't.
Overheated rhetoric like "genocide" make a serious problem look frivolous

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