Ammon Bundy and "Vanilla ISIS" Crew Found Not Guilty of All Charges in Oregon Standoff


Fuck this shit.
the charges were too extreme for the jury. should have aimed lower - trespassing, vandalism.

now the bundys get to walk around wearing the mantle of martyrdom, and the joke of welfare ranching will march on. wolves will be shot & tax dollars will be wasted.

on the plus side, they served about as much time as they'd have gotten sentenced to.
Congrats Bundy clan. Your spouse didn't even need to meet the AG on a private plane during a shady election run.
2016 best year ever, keep it coming guys.
So, maybe if state troopers hadn't shot and killed LaVoy Finicum, the outcome of the trial would have been different?

But we're not here to celebrate a victory against excessive police violence, we're here to get all righteously indignant about a bunch of political radicals evading conviction for their political Action, amirite?

The only downside here is that LaVoy Finicum isn't alive to witness the verdict...RIP Brother.
@1 I agree, "Fuck this shit."

Back in my day, when I was a kid and America was great a group of black folks tried to pull off a similar stunt to the Bundy's in Philadelphia. Different reasons, urban instead of rural but still the occupation of property in order to make some kind of point. In both cases they were surrounded and contained.

But back then when I was a kid and America was Great, we just bomb the shit out of those folks in Philadelphia took out an entire city block. That's the American way not this wimpy liberal wait em out put em on trial and let off bullshit.

Just bomb the shit out of em take out the entire plot of land. That's how we did it when America was Great.
DISGUSTING! Cops can shoot down a Native woman in front of her children, and these criminals who waves guns at federal officers for weeks aren't guilty of anything?

If you're black you can easily get shot if you hold a toy gun in your hand, or even an imaginary gun. If you're a Native American trying to reclaim the land your people were "given" and later screwed out of, you can be maced, attacked with vicious dogs, tear gassed, arrested by skinheads in uniforms, strip searched, and jailed. If you're white you get a free pass to point guns at federal law enforcement officers, wreak more than a $ million in damage to public property, prevent lawful use of that property by its owners, the public, and engage in lengthy tortious interference with commerce in rural towns. All of this is American Exceptionalism.

You don't need to go all the way back to the '85 MOVE standoff for your example of Great and Glorious American Suppression of Political Activists-- the federal government put down 82 radical dissidents in 1993.

Alas, a few of those politically marginalized revolutionaries did manage to emerge unkilled, and when brought to trial, most of the serious charges were dropped, and the rest had sentences whittled away on appeal.

Uh, sure, I get where you're coming from. But try telling that to David Koresh.
I honestly don't begrudge them the acquittal. But I hope they take a moment of thankfulness for the fact that they can in fact get a fair trial.
Am I the only one whose deeply disturbed at the way the Defense Attorney was treated? All he did was ask a question, repeated Tazer hits can kill you, seems like a disproportionate reaction...
+1 @7
@16- He did not "just ask a question" and he got treated like most people do when they refuse a judge's orders in a courtroom. I understand you people think the government owes you a free ride, but the judge was under no obligation to let the lawyer grandstand.
@18 Who exactly is the "you people," you think I represent?

Get over yourself troll!
I hope the tribe and the government can sue these jerks for every nickel they've got and every penny they ever get.
@16 yeah if your in contempt of court they will detain you. he was definitely provoking them, and he got a great show out of it.

@2 OR ANYONE: How did this happen? I've read a few articles on it, but am still not clear. the offenses were so obvious and well-recorded. was this some jury nullification or what? it's so upsetting that the bundys and all their internet troll commentators have this to hang their hats on now. how did this happen? ugh.

(and, yes, of course i want the government and the prosecution to be kept in check, but especially in light of how black people are treated by the police and the courts this is just so disappointing an outcome)
@21 "your?" ugh. so distraught by acquittal that basic spelling and grammar rules are failing me

@1 agreed
@13, 14: You misremember. Koresh set his compound and his followers ablaze when the feds came in. He was a fanatic on par with Jim Jones. Koresh killed women and children.

Hence the kid gloves these sovereign citizen ding dongs get treated with now. Finicum being the ding dongiest.
@23) Koresh killed children and women only after he raped the children and women. And then he set those witches on fire. So don't pretend they were all innocent. Used goods.
Back to the topic - it seems like some jury nullification here. You have a juror taking the very unusual [grade-school] step of ranting about another juror to the judge via an anonymous note (jury in-fighting is a definite sign jurors have lost sight of the matters-at-hand and are focusing on themselves - how important they have become as important trial jurors). When the atmosphere gets to that level, personalities have taken over the business. Then the personalities seek to "win" and forget that they are to decide a legal matter. Nullification becomes plausible when jurors get pulled out into that ocean by a nationally publicized trial.
The prosecution failed their burden of proof. I don't blame the jury or the defendants (for the verdict) just the failure of the prosecution. These men have been found "Not Guilty" not innocent, and in the words of Blackburn, Voltaire, and most recently Benjamin Franklin: "It's better for 100 guilty men to go free than for a single innocent man to be convicted"
C'mon now, Vanilla ISIS is such a terrible nickname. These dudes did a sit-in on Federal Land.
Surely a bunch of hicks doing a glorified sit-in are on par with an international terrorist group that commits grievous atrocities and posts footage of them on the Internet right? But le vanilla isis XD XD XD whatever.
@19- "You people" are "people who share your nonsensical opinions."

My comment doesn't meet any sensible definition of trolling nor did is demonstrate any kind of pretension to which one could sensibly reply "get over yourself." I think you're projecting.
@27, 28- A armed occupation isn't a sit-in. Go look at video of the civil rights movements, see how many lunch counter sitters or freedom riders had guns with them at their protests. Even the Black Panther armed demonstrations didn't approach the level of threatened violence of the Bundy gang. These assholes threw Federal employees out of their place of work with the implicit threat of shooting and then blocked public land from being used by the public. And what were they protesting? Being charged fees for making a private profit off public lands.

What a bunch of assholes.
I'm with Kelly @26 on this one.

I am strongly opposed to private monopolization of public resources, but it sounds like the jury were unconvinced of the government's assertions 1) that defendants committed violations of law of which they were accused, and/or 2) that the laws defining these violations and/or potential punishments therefor are unjust. In our system of justice, the jury serves as a last check against unjust law (and more generally, against governmental tyranny).

My quick read suggests that these people were not tried for what they seemingly did wrong, but for some other crimes, as some kind of political power play. Fuck that.