Whats spookier than missing the FINAL voter registration date? In 2016? Nothing.
What's spookier than missing the FINAL voter registration date in 2016? Nothing.

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We are just 8 days away from Election Day and nearly 623,000 Washingtonians—about 15 percent of voters—have submitted their ballots early this year.

If you've been asleep for the last several months and somehow forgot to register to vote, you have one last chance to be eligible to do your civic duty: You have until Halloween (that's today!) to register to vote in-person.


Where can you do that? Here's a handy map of where you can register to vote in person in your county.

Not sure who to vote for? Here are the Stranger Election Control Board's endorsements in which we demystify state initiatives and tell you who's who on your ballot. Oh, and who to (obviously) vote for for president. (There's even a handy cheat sheet!)

Don't know where to drop off your ballot? Here's a map to help you find a nearby drop box.

Mailing in your ballot? Great! Just know that if you forget to put a stamp on your envelope—or simply can't afford stamps—your ballot will still be counted.

This may seem like a lot of steps, but it's worth your time.

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We have a hate-spewing megalomaniac named Donald Trump running for president this year. You cannot afford to not vote. If not for yourself, vote for the sake of every woman you know. For every person of color. For every immigrant. For every person who can't vote.

It's not just the presidential election that's important, either. There's plenty at stake here in Washington, too. Vote to protect people from gun violence. To protect hotel workers from sexual assault. To create a critical, robust transit system.

This is important, people. You must vote.

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