The Morning News: Militarized Police Crack Down on Native American "Water Protectors" in North Dakota


I'm so fucking enraged by the Bundy thing and the ND thing... but instead I'll just point out last night's shooting wasn't in a barbershop, that was the 10/6 one.
nevermind, BOTH october CD shootings were in barbershops.
Surely there's a The Slog story being tapped out as a blather out this comment: Why were the Bundy/Malheur standoff 'protesters' acquitted while nearly simultaneously the North Dakota water protectors protesters incarcerated? Surely it wasn't in part due to the perceived color of their pupils/epidermis? ...surely? Some of us aren't so sure.
@3: The Bundy boys were incarcerated too. It is not like they were just sent walking away, they were jailed and had a trial. The outcome of that trial is irrelevant to the ND protesters being arrested.

The protestors in North Dakota will likely have a trial of sorts (likely be much shorter than the Bundy affair) and also be released, as is par for the course in these kinds of matters. Well, except for the woman who fired shots at police, and the guys who were reportedly throwing fire bombs. Those people might actually see significant jail time.
Be a shame if someone did something to the drug pushers .. um, fossil fuel "providers"

If oil and natural gas pipelines are so safe, why do they keep breaking and blowing up?
It's your perogative Ansel to associate thugs with the police, but when you begin your lead-in with "Thugs attack" you can't take for granted that your readers have also made that association.
@10) What are you to say? Of course he can. Did you not see the by-line? He wrote it. He can do anything he wants with it. You obviously have zero point to make and want to just chime in to see your own avatar on teh interwebs.
@10, the word you are looking for is prerogative
After using even the campaign's tax increase calculator, it's apparent taxes for middle class property owners will climb by $1K per year or more. That's just the facts, it's not scare-mongering. Promoting this by making it seem most people will only see an increase of $10/month is nothing short of a lie. It's obvious why they'd want most people to think that though - makes it easier to discredit the opponents as greedy, NIMBY, homeless bashers who all drive Humvees.
@14 1. I suggest that you are the liar, I put in the numbers for my single adult middle class household and got $728.

2. Do you know what "median" means?
FBI reopens the email investigation against Hillary Clinton. But I'm sure that there's nothing there.... LOL!!!
@16, do you know the difference between $120 and $728? Nothing about your comment discredits what I said, and don't assume you know how I'm voting. I'm just sick of people eating disingenuous information up with a spoon and using it to fuel warfare between groups.

Also, that $728 is going to rise year over year you know. That's just the basement of your future property tax increase. As long as everyone is voting with their eyes wide open, great.
1. emails are not from HRC.
2. not an actual "reopening" of the investigation. rep. chaffetz said that, and the liberal-biased MSM jumped on it. fbi is clarifying, as they should, since comey just interfered in the election.

of course, the lies gets halfway around the world...
And, added to existing property taxes the annual property tax liability for a homeowner can easily equal or exceed the cost of a monthly mortgage payment. For those renters who knee jerk to say it's because there is not a state income tax is because the democratic leadership in this state have never bothered to get around to it, or at least haven't for several years.
@18: and there are a grand total of 3 emails being reviewed, per Curt Eichenwald.
@18: now, it's "potentially 1,000s" of emails, since they're from fucking Anthony Weiner's perv phone - emails between Abedin and Weiner, presumably.
@24: jinx, I said that @23.