FBI Finds New Clinton Emails in Anthony Weiner Investigation


Nice damage control there!

He's got a good fuckin point. Comey wouldn't just send a letter like this in, two weeks before the election, unless there's something really.fuckin.dirty. in there.
You say the emails are Clinton's but there is no evidence of that yet, nor that there is anything to them.
Nothing to see here folks! Just another vast right-wing conspiracy! Being under investigation by the FBI mere days before the election is a sacred and time-honored part of our democracy. How about that Drumpf guy right he has stupid hair lol!
@7 The letter from James Comey never says they are "reopening" the case. Carl Berstein never says in the quote that they are "reopening the case" Yet the story you link to claims both those things. That is some pretty awful journalism there.
Nobody would have ever thought the October Surprise would originate from Anthony Weiner's penis activities.
Won't change that many votes - another Hillary blemish vs. a madman.
I see trolls of every stripe are out in force across the web today trying to make something, anything, stick — desperate, hoping, clinging. For them it starts with the headline and does not extend to reading one fucking word more. How utterly predictable. Nice preview of the next eight years, though.
Don't mind the trolls. They're just silly old white men. Once they lose the ability to orgasm, they turn bitter and become political.
1. no one has said these are Clinton's emails, or that they're from The Server from Hell.
2. they are taken from Weiner & Abedin's home laptop.
3. the FBI never "closed" the investigation, so they can't "reopen" it. they announced that they weren't recommending charges: "no reasonable prosecutor"...
4. chaffetz called it a "reopening" when he tweeted the letter out.
5. comey sent this letter to congress because he'd earlier promised the investigative committee, under oath, to notify them within 48 hours of the discovery of any new information.
6. there have been reports that there are a. 3, and b. 1,000s of emails to go through. if b., that isn't happening in the next week.
7. this post sucks and gets the story wrong.

Yep welcome to the next 4-8 years people. One of my major motivations for voting Bernie was so I wouldn't have to listen to this desperate shit for the next decade. Got enough of that in the 90s.
Jason Chaffetz on twitter

FBI Dir just informed me, "The FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation." Case reopened
6 hours ago - Twitter
Good'old Weiner. Remember to go out and vote on Erection Day.
@5 "Can anyone tell me the movie I'm thinking of with the computer hacker dude dressed in leathers making robot sounds as he moves around?"

Is that JP from Grandma's Boy? He wasn't a hacker, he was a game designer.
I'm not tired of hearing about this s##t, but I bet you are.
Anthony Wiener is living proof that the Clintons would never have anyone killed.
@25 I predict a tragic plane crash over the Rockies any day now.
jesus christ. all we had to do is beat donald fucking trump.

jesus christ.
@20: Wow, you crawled back out from under your rock?

Reminder: SLOG mods ban people for posting copypasta or saying mean things about The Gays, but have apparently no problem with an unabashed and blatant anti-Semite posting his usual claptrap on their forum.
@20 I missed you too. I see your eternal kvetching is still strong and active. Not surprising.
I meant 29. anyway I'm obviously here to enjoy rubbing the imminent victory of the trumpenfuhrer in everyone's faces. I'll be banned in no time. L'chaim!
28. Whatever.
Ah juche, still stupid after all these years. You never were very good, "trumpenfuhrer" seriously that's all you got?

If that guy is this best you got you're just trying to push rancid butterscotch pudding.
@29-31: You'll never defeat the Eternal Jewish Illuminati if you can't even read numbers.
Saw Hillary addressing a group in Florida Saturday on MSNBC.
We couldn't see the crowd but judging from her tone and language we would assume it was a collection of slightly dim elementary school age children.
We assume she knows the IQ of her target audience better than we, or perhaps she is condescending to everyone.
At least everyone who issn't paying her a quarter of a million bucks for 20 minutes of her time...
She was pretty hard on Comey.
She said the letter was strange and unprecedented.
What we find strange is how sour Democraps are on Comey now when few months ago they thought he was a swell guy.
What we find unprecedented is the naked political pressure Democraps bringing to try to influence an ongoing FBI investigation.
Hillary wants the FBI to tell all what they know about Huma's emails.
Hillary said the people have a right to know!
Good ol' Hillary, always fighting for the people's right to know....

Like when she put her government emails on a private server explicitly to avoid public scrutiny of them.
Like when she deleted 33,000 emails AFTER receiving a subpoena to produce them.
Like when she bleached her server to make extra sure the FBI and public never saw those emails.
Good ol' Hillary fighting for the people's right to know!

We hope the criminal lying piece of shit wins the election.
We hope her criminal lying crimes dog her from the first second of her toxic malignant administration.
We think the criminal lying piece of shit is just what you deserve for a president.

Now get your asses out there and vote for your criminal lying piece of shit candidate.

Are you still sitting there?!...
But we must admit we are more and more impressed with how securely Team Clinton handles the nations classified materials.
Thousands of State Dept emails ending up on the laptop of a deviant pedophile pervert?
Pretty. Fucking. Impressive.
The Russians/Chinese/Iranians/NKoreans/kid in his mother's basement will never find them there.....
We genuinely feel sorry for Huma, however.

Married to Wiener?
Rumors that she and Hill are lezzy lovers?
Too bad there no BleachBit to scour that image out of the brain...

it does bring up an interesting aspect of the world of NastyWoman.
Behind every NastyWoman is a piece of shit worthless male.
Or, more commonly, a string of them...

Interesting piece of homework for you;
compare the voting habits of women who are primary breadwinners to that of women who have a husband who financially supports them and allows them to be mom/homemakers.
Then look at the voting habits of women who are dependent on government aid to survive.

The GOP does not have a 'woman gap';
it has a 'women who don't have a real man in their life' voting gap.

NastyBitterDependentWoman keeps the Democraps afloat.
while carefully researching the above post
we came across the fact that Bill is not even Chelsea's biological father?!?!!!
w.t.f ?
Way to go Hillary!
Six posts between 4:15 and 5:11 am? Commentor Comltatus, were you just waking up or just coming down off something? That was pretty manic.
@40: i think it lives on the east coast
@41: Appropriate pronoun choice.
"That was pretty manic."

If we think these people sound unhinged now, just wait until after the election. This Thanksgiving may see the all-time high of conspiracy theory promulgation, as sane Americans wait and wait and wait and wait for their FOX-viewing patriarchs to stop yelling about Hillary and just carve the damned turkey already.
Max dear, that's all the more reason to be concerned, don't you think?

Commentor Comltatus dear, please seek help. We're all praying for you. You'd better believe they's a candle burning for you over at St. Ode's.

Thank you darlin', you are so sweet.

Hopefully the candle will drive away the acrid stench of panic and fear.
We are starting to worry that Hilary's on air shills are going to burst a gasket and stroke out.