So, are you going to vote for the Orange Tic Tac or the Cautious Centrist on November 8? If you don't know yet, congratulations! You are an undecided voter—i.e. the scariest person in the country right now. You don't need much to make this terrifying costume work: grab yourself a red sweater and a wishy-washy political stance and head to that Halloween party. Screams guaranteed.

Here are 7 suggestions for creating this year's most unsettling costume choice:

Is the rigged media in on this sinister ensemble?

The fact that this person's costume is last minute makes it all the more alarming.

Like Chucky, this undecided voter is no less threatening for being tiny.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are still trying to win over this scary guy.

Has this terrifying pooch even looked at his ballot?

How could they have let this undecided voter into a school zone? Think of the children!

And finally, there's nothing "sexy" about shirking your civic duty.


EOD=End of day. We're done. Go home. Don't let the creepy clowns get you this weekend.