The Morning News: A Petition to Block Dakota Access Pipeline Construction, POTUS Endorses in a Down-Ballot Washington Race


"Government Officials Are Still Unhappy with the Timing"
Of course, by 'Government Officials' you mean Clinton Hacks.
Yes. You do.
@1 god you're dumb.
@2 Bill Clinton is not running for president.
Turns out Clinton Lackey's in the DoJ (Tarmac Loretta and her stooges) were stonewalling COMEY on the warrant; it seems he found a way to slip a ton of TNT under their asses and get them moving….

How sweet it is…..
So Harry Reid has problems with double standards when it comes to sensitive information?

Kind of ironic when this whole issue is due to Clinton believing there should be a double standard for her when it comes to handling sensitive information.
@7: Do you have proof that his purpose was to interfere or affect the election results? Intent actually matters here.

Because if you don't, then simply claiming he violated the Hatch Act is a lie or a statement born from ignorance. Also, violation of the Hatch Act is not a criminal statute, so there will never be an indictment. So I am guessing it is just ignorance on your part. Nothing new there.
@4 Yes, a ton of TNT, also known as violating federal law by taking politically motivated actions.

The tarmac was bad optics, but wouldn't the increases scrutiny that such a thing would create further the case that there was no wrong doing?
@8 Well, he's a smart guy, so he knew that he would be causing quite the stir by announcing essentially nothing.

So if you expect us to believe that he didn't intend to fuck with the election, then you're also insisting that comey is an idiot.
Aren't pipelines safer than trucking this nasty shit around? Also, if Natives weren't trained from birth to be endlessly complaining victims would this even be an issue?
@10: Maybe Comey is an idiot. I would not know, I have never met the man. But it seems to me if he really wanted to fuck with the election, he would have recommended charges against Clinton for the laws that she broke, which the FBI investigation concluded there was evidence for, instead of what he actually did, which was to recommend no charges due to the timing of the election.

But once again, if you have any evidence that Comey's intent was to influence the election, please share. According to the letter he wrote Congress, he broke from tradition by informing them of the investigation due to the sensitive timing of the reopening of the case.

I think people are misunderstanding what happened here: The FBI reopening the investigation after new evidence possibly being found is not out of the ordinary. Comey letting Congress know is a bit out of the ordinary. Unless you think the reopening of the case never would have been found out by the public without the letter to Congress, I am unsure what he hubbub is all about.

Well, other than partisan extremism, of course.
@11: So you believe that the FBI reopening the case when possible new evidence emerged is "wrong?" Or do you just feel it is wrong because the investigation is against Hillary Clinton?
@13 "he broke from tradition by informing them of the investigation due to the sensitive timing of the reopening of the case."

Sensitive because it would fuck with the election. And you do realize that the letter basically said, we might have something to look at. But i don't know, i won't know for a bit. But now i'm telling you so you can get on TV and keep talking about how corrupt hillary is. And in the case of one GOP member on sunday let it slip that they're already talking impeachment.

So you see, the evidence is there, but you need to pull your head out of your ass to see it.
@15: Ah, I see, you don't know the difference between "speculation" and "evidence." Go check that out.

@16: Geez, now you are arguing about semantics? Give me a break.
Relax, girls.
No laws were broken.

If Hillary and Huma wanted the matter resolved in a more timely manner they could have cooperated with the FBI way back when.

Karma is a Fucking Bitch;
Hillary needs to get used to feeling her hot angry breath down her neck cause it ain't going away anytime soon.
@19 what is there to refute? See: @20 for another example of talking out of your ass.
It'll be fun the next week seeing if Shillary can sleaze and slime her way out of this.
@26, Your article ends with this: "It's not a completely simple comparison. When you have a pipeline spill the release volumes are higher than for a truck or train incident. But with road and rail, you have risk of more incidents in more places, so the overall question of environmental protection becomes unclear."

More to the point, this isn't about environmental damage at large but the risks associated with a specific pipeline transversing a specific area that, once it is in place, will forever put that environment at risk. With other forms of transport the risk is distributed more or less evenly across routes of passage, whereas these risks are fixed in place, permanently. In other words, the risk of a spill at Standing Rock is much greater when a pipeline passes through it than if that oil were traveling by truck or train.
Comey has his job for the next seven years.
Win or lose Hillary better watch her mouth and her step...
Emails. Drumpf. Shillary. Walls. Baskets of Deplorables. There are no winners. We will all lose.

I am so looking forward to Nov 9th when everyone can just shut the fuck up already.
I'm reveling in the exquisite irony of the Obama administration having appointing James Comey, who carries heavy GOP baggage having served in the Bush administration as well as a hedge fund manager, General Counsel and Senior VP for Lockheed Martin, and, worst of all, a member of the Board of HSBC, which is notorious for money laundering, securities fraud, conspiracy, predatory lending, predatory sales of toxic mortgage-backed secures, aiding and abetting tax evasion by wealthy clients, and luring clients to invest in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme. In other words, as Matt Taibbi put it, [HSBC] violated every goddamn law in the book," but Comey had no problem financially benefiting from HSBC's corrupt culture. Obama, who gullibly reached "across the aisle" (just as the Stranger's little darling, Brady Walkinshaw, is so fond of doing) to appoint this POS as America's top criminal investigator, is being laid waste to powerful blowback for not appointing someone with real integrity. If Hillary loses, her loss will be on Obama's Neoliberal head.
@25 Of course the Fraser Institute, a Canadian fossil fuels industry think tank, would conclude that pipelines are better at transporting toxic chemicals than trucks and rail lines. This industry shill would never analyze something as radical as a Manhattan Project style project to crash out conversion to clean renewable energy ASAP. The Fraser Institute probably has done a study that concludes that the free market commands society to keep drilling until every last drop of greenhouse gas generating chemicals have been extracted from the earth regardless of lethal consequences for countless future human and non-human beings.
@28 Comey is now a fully anointed RW hero who either has a cabinet post waiting for him in the Trump administration, or a lucrative set of fossil fuel industry board memberships and prestigious think tank fellowships lined up that will quite lucratively allow him to cruise through the revolving door in the style to which he is accustomed. He is already a booster boy for the total fusion of the corporate and fascist states.