Guest Editorial: Standing Rock Is a Wake-Up Call to All Americans


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@1, It's a fucking GENOCIDE MAN!!!! Scream in horror!!! And you'd better call me the fucking correct pronoun!!!!
@3 Rule #1 in any kind of activism (of any stripe); never let facts get in the way.
A list of companies that paid for the "fact checking" site @3:
Our members include:

Iowa State Building and Construction Trades Council
Iowa Association of Business and Industry
SD Trucking Association
Pierre Economic Development Corp.
SD Intrastate Pipeline Company
SD Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association
South Dakota Grain and Feed Association
South Dakota Hotel and Lodging Association
South Dakota IBEW Union
South Dakota Corn Growers
Eastern South Dakota Building and Construction Council
Great River Economic Development Foundation
Midwest LECET (Laborers)
Illinois Association of Convenience Stores
Illinois Petroleum Marketer Association
Illinois State Grange
Sukup Manufacturing Company
Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa
Laborers District of North Dakota and Minnesota
ND Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties
North Dakota Petroleum Council
Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce
Northview RV
Albenisius Contracting
Lantis Fireworks
Klingner & Associates
Poepping, Stone, Bach & Associates, Inc.
Four Seasons Motel
Resing Sun Cafe
Cherokee Inn
CRST Trucking, Inc.
Boone Freight Lines, Inc.
Gooi Global, Inc.
Stutsman, Inc
Expressway Inn and Suites Group
@5 Do you dispute those facts? Do you think that is a list of evil and therefore the "facts" aren't facts at all?

If you do, then perhaps you can address some of those fact claims. You can start with these...
1) Does the pipeline cross any tribal land? If it does, where?
2) Have all the landowners signed off, if not who remains?
3) Did the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe NOT take part in any of the "nearly a dozen" meetings with the U.S. Army Corps or in any of the other 389 meetings they held with 54 other tribes? If not why?
4) Since the pipeline parallels an existing pipeline (which also crosses the Missouri) what sacred sites does it cross that the other does not?
Dear Fact Checker:

My friend had these words to share,"On a trick or treating mission lol so not a lot of time but my first thought is the "fact checking" site is paid for by non native orgs who are more interested in jobs than destruction of the planet. The protectors ARE on original treaty land, the reservation borders are artificial in the sense they don't respect the treaty and were made as we were pushed off our land and corralled within these borders. Meetings are not "meaningful consultation." How many meetings have we all sat in voicing concerns that were then ignored? Too many to count. And without a doubt the previous pipeline running parallel destroyed sacred sites, and these sites are (should) determined by the tribe, NOT state/Feds/universities, they do not determine the sacred. The Creator did that, we are just the stewards. The tribe determines cultural significance and they have adamantly said their sites have been destroyed. At the end of this what we have as Native people is faith, we believe what we can't always see. It's not magic, it's just truth."
It seems like if that Fact Checker site was so falsified and wrong, it would be easier to disprove factually, and people would not have to fall back on attacking those funding it, or lapsing into new age rambling and second hand speculation.

But I am not on the ground there, so I don't really know for sure.
1. The pipeline crosses no reservation land. It does, however, cross water immediately adjacent to the reservation, such that any spill from the pipeline would render tribal water unusable.

2. All the private landowners have signed off in exchange for payments from Dakota Access. The federal landowner has not signed off. Unlike the private landowners, the federal landowner receives no money from Dakota Access, and unlike the private landowners, the federal landowner has a duty to consider the impact of pipeline spills to people and the environment.

3. The federal government alleges the tribe made insufficient efforts to meet with it regarding cultural resources, but that allegation is unproven at this time. The tribal government alleges the federal agency made insufficient efforts to meet with it regarding cultural resources, and that allegation is also unproven at this time. Further, no amount of cultural resource meeting, regardless of when or how it occurred, would address the environmental concerns.

4. Some, though not all, of the proposed pipeline overlays an older pipeline. The new pipeline carries different and more hazardous products than the old one, and carries a greater volume. The risk from the new pipeline is less that the pipeline's construction will damage "sacred sites," and more that spills from the finished pipeline will render cultural resources, including plants, water, and fish, unusable.

Thank you for your insightful questions.
The Corps DID NOT DO AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT as REQUIRED by our laws. This pipeline violates the CLEAN AIR ACT AND the CLEAN WATER ACT! Both the EPA AND INTERIORS raised serious concerns which the Army ignored. The Corps were able to bypass the Clean Air &Clean Water Acts and NOT do the required EIS by pretending this pipeline that crosses FOUR STATES is a series of thousands unconnected small pipes. The person Energy Transfer Partners used to shepherd this whole process used to work for the Corps of Engineers!!!

Let say that you are correct about your facts that the Corps did talk to the Sioux Nation -- which, btw, they admitted that they DIDN'T in that joint statement they released with Dept of Justice and Interiors, by saying they WILL set up a protocol for consulting with the tribes GOING FORWARD -- the Corps are STILL BREAKING OUR NATION'S LAW by NOT DOING AN EIS!

What's the fucking use of having laws if rich people and corporations can just USE MONEY to get around them? Would y'all be totes okay if they build a pipeline across Seattle, or under the Columbia and the Snake (or wherever you live) RIGHT NEXT to your land/home, where you go to swim, fish, drink, water your farms? Go ahead, volunteer then, I'm sure they'd love to, there are all those billions in China and India who want to buy the oil! Yep, OK is doing perfectly well with thousands of earthquakes per year and poisoned air and groundwater. And Alberta is just lovely now with all the fracking, make sure you go there for your vacations! DO tell us what a lovely time you have when you return.

Keystone got rejected because a bunch of NON-NATIVE cities and towns objected to the dangers it posed to human and environmental health. This pipeline was supposed to cross the Mississippi near to Bismarck, and ETP rerouted it because they were concerned that breaks would contaminate water for WHITE PEOPLE WHO WILL SUE THEIR ASSES FOR BILLIONS $$$. And Native American lives are worth a lot less, amirite?

This song, by the great UK songwriter Leon Rosselson(and based on the testimony of a Manitoba First Nations chief in opposition to uranium mining in that province), ring true now:

You sit there handing down orders - you examine the terms of the deal
A car is always waiting - other hands turn the wheel
The doors slide open before you - the doors slide shut behind
Other hands carry your luggage - weightier matters engage your mind
You take the gold out of the earth, you throw the corpses in
One crop is as good as another as long as the cash keeps pouring in
The wheels must never stop turning, the machine must be obeyed
The future has got to be fuelled, and there's a price to be paid

Black like the dust, brown like the earth
This is our land, the land of our birth

Silently digging, digging our graves
Choking our bodies, choking our lives
Living on scraps, dying in debt
Digging in darkness so our children can eat

Once we were free, greeting the sun
Sharing the earth, giving thanks to the corn
Sang with the waters, sang with the wind
Danced with the drum, circle without end

Now we are silent, they have taken our tongues
They have taken our pride, they have taken our songs
Only our bodies, only our eyes
Burn with the memory of the old ways

Brown like the earth, black like the dust
Who can we turn to, who can we trust

You've got no patience with failure - you've got no time for delay
Certainty points to the future - straight lines carve out the way
You never make moral judgements - only one truth you defend
Money must be free to make money - that's all there is in the end
You take the diamonds out of the earth, you throw the corpses in
One crop is as good as another as long as the cash keeps pouring in
The wheels must never stop turning, the machine must be obeyed
The future has got to be fuelled, and there's a price to be paid

Brown like the earth, black like the dust,
Who can we turn to, who can we trust

The gun is their God, they have taken our land
They take what we dig, they take without end
We drown in the dust, we choke in the heat
Our skin grows sores, our lungs rot

Still we remember the cold clear air
Waking at dawn with the morning star
Still we remember the sound of the flute
The feel of the grass under our feet

Death may come quickly if the mine floods
If the rock talks, if the gas explodes
Mostly we linger on death's cold bed
Clutching for air, coughing up blood

Nobody cares, nobody sees
We make no headlines, dying by degrees

A thousand shapes wait to attend you - the ones who drive your cars
Who reserve your place at the table - who order your daily cigars
Who silently guard your privacy - who make sure your ties are new
Who remind you of your appointments - you know that they all depend on you
You take the uranium out of the earth, you throw the corpses in
One crop is as good as another as long as the cash keeps pouring in
The wheels must never stop turning, the machine must be obeyed
The future has got to be fuelled, and there's a price to be paid

Nobody cares, nobody sees
We make no headline, dying by degrees

What choice do we have - they've taken our homes
We wait in silence, our time will come
They tear from the earth, they leave nothing behind
Only raw scars on a waste land

Some day and soon the mountains will shake
The drum will sound, the sun will turn black
And from out of the dust and from under the earth
We will arise, proclaiming this truth

All life is sacred, all life is one
From the rocks on the mountain to the children to come

And the walls will topple, and the fences will fall
And the scars will be healed and the earth will be whole

This is our land, the land of our birth
Black like the dust, brown like the earth

You never carry money - you like your life ordered and clean
You make out cheques to charity - no one can call you mean
Through your double-locked gateways - only the privileged pass
Admire your taste and elegance - marvels of marble and silver and glass
You take the earth out of the earth, you throw the corpses in
One crop is as good as another as long as the cash keeps pouring in
The wheels must never stop turning, the machine must be obeyed
The future has got to be fuelled, and there's a price to be paid

(you can hear the song here:… )