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Samantha Bee has a theory about Donald Trump: He can't read.

This idea stems from taped testimony in a lawsuit Trump filed after chefs pulled out of plans to open restaurants at his new D.C. hotel, citing the Republican nominee's racist remarks on immigration. Trump gave his testimony in June, and the deposition tape was released in September. In the video, we see Trump claim that he cannot read from legal documents because he doesn't have his reading glasses. Trump's representative then objects to His Orangeness reading it because His Orangeness is not a lawyer.

The Full Frontal segment, Bee goes on to present even more evidence, and it's pretty compelling: He once attacked a teleprompter because it "wasn't working", he has his staff type out his tweets, he described Russia taking over "vast swatches of land" in Syria. Oh, and he can't seem to spell his own name.

See for yourself:

Ridiculous or true? Bee says the only way we can know is if Trump reads President Barack Obama's long form birth certificate. Out loud. On video.

H/T: The Daily Beast

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