'stretched the truth'?
Is it so hard to say she lied?
If it was Trump would you be so squeamish?
We feel sorry for you, for your lack of integrity,
an especially egregious fault in a 'journalist',
but alas, one that, due to the nature of the business,
is glaringly apparent to thousands even if it slips your notice.
So perhaps we should also pity you your lack of self-awareness?
So Brady's campaign taped every word Pramila said for 10 months and this is the best he's got? What about Brady claiming repeatedly to be a "climate champion" at 32, despite not doing jack for climate in 3 years in the state house? What about Brady's "factual" ads that are based on a bogus study that compares lifetime effectiveness between people in office for 30 years and people in office for 2? What about Brady's campaign immediately taking down the methodology from their website as soon as it was called into question? If they're standing by this statement in their ads, why did they take down the data so no one can see it? What about Brady funneling half a mil through a Latino Super PAC that uses this bogus "report"? What about Brady's entire campaign over and over again clamoring about how Pramila "isn't one of us", because she doesn't live in the district (she's a few blocks away after redistricting), Brady stresses his "deep roots in the community"? FACT: He has lived in Seattle for 7 years, while Pramila has lived here for 25 years, 21 of those inside the district! Funny how after 10 months together on the trail with over 30 forums where Brady and Pramila have repeatedly complimented each other as "two great candidates", all this garbage comes out the same time as ballots do. Brady knows he's behind and he's using every attempt he can to try to tear down someone who has stood up for the people of Seattle for 25 years. Bridge builder?!? More like bridge burner. Vote Pramila!
Of course Pramila's exaggerated her legislative record, what does she really have to stand behind? Letting dental hygenists take tooth molds?

To me, the most important thing a legislator does is pass laws. It's clear Pramila has not demonstrated an ability to do so.
Remember how Brady attacked Pramila for missing big votes on the 28th and 29th? For all the flack Pramila got, he missed 33 votes on the 29th. Funny how that works. Or the fact that the naloxone bill (which was a good bill, not disputing that) was only started by him when lobbyists knocked on his door in Olympia.…
And honestly, y'all will stop caring after Pramila wins on Tuesday.
@ #4: If by "lobbyists" you mean "constituent whose sister died of a heroin overdorse" then, yeah.…
@6: Well, shit, I didn't know that. I'm sorry I said that, it was wrong of me to say. The link you provided isn't complete though.
But i'll also say that as a student, every year we went to lobby (2014-2016) he has been the only one of our representatives to never schedule a meeting to talk with us. Chopp and Pedersen both did. IDK about what the experience was like for 37th peeps, but for 43rd peeps, that was our experience
I couldn't see the photo clearly--Dan's fingerprints were too thick.
@Dragonslayer74 Weird, not sure why the link didn't work:…

Thanks for apologizing, that's more than most commenters would do!
@10: No problem. I'll also say I like Brady, and if he wins, i'll support him in 2018 if I'm still in the area. But i'll also say that as a student, he kind of ignored us when we were in Olympia, not even to lobby, but to share our concerns. I feel like Pramila's listened to me more as a student, and while she certainly has her faults, if it means voting for someone that lives just a bit east of the center of the district, so be it.
I don't know why that one commenter has been going on about Brady not being there for young people and students when he's the candidate with the sole endorsement of Young Democrats at UW, King County Young Democrats, and Washington Young Democrats.
On the other hand, it's Pramila's supporter in the above comment who is saying young people can't be champions of things (for the record, Brady's early career was in climate and justice issues around agriculture, and I know Brady through his strong ties to the local enviro community). Also Brady worked a lot on Sound Transit in the House.
It seems like Pramila's supporters have as strong a grasp on the facts as she does.
That's because he was part of the organization when he was younger. I know because i'm part of YDWA. Get out of that echo chamber and UW is about 70-80% Pramila
@13: We get it. You work for Pramila.
I didn't even realize the endorsement had been corrected. In endorsing Sen. Jayapal, The Stranger cited *one* and *only one* achievement from her time in Olympia: standing up against senior democrats and killing a payday lending bill.

And now we find out that *one* achievement is a lie, or, at best, a gross exaggeration (there weren't 87 amendments, the the bill wasn't 'killed,' it wasn't a fight against 'senior democrats').

How can The Stranger endorse this person? She lied to the SECB during her interview, and the SECB credulously printed that lie. A quiet correction is not a sufficient response.
I cannot support Pramila Jayapal in this race after her reaction to Walkinshaw's "We Have A Choice" ad. Her response was in my opinion libelous bullying and she should apologize:…

Also, her attendance isn't just bad, it's terrible, and her excuses are even worse. It's by far one of the worst in our legislature, even if you only compare her to members of the minority party in their respective chambers of congress:…
@14: No, I actually don't work for Pramila. I do go to UW, however, and I also know Pramila got 50% of the 43rd to Brady's 29%, and seeing as UW is probably where Pramila overperformed in the district, it's not hard to see how she could be at 70%.
@16: We get it, you work for Brady
FACT CHECK: The article Heidi is citing discussing Fiscal Note is simply wrong. Anyone can simply verify this themselves, as I did, by perusing the data on the FN website (which as a Pol Sci student I strongly encourage you to do because it's really interesting stuff).

1. It claims Fiscal Note compares the lifetime achievements of legislators, biasing it against newcomers like Pramila. Untrue. While FN does do this, it also provides data for each legislative session. Pramila is only being compared based on her and everyone else's work in the past legislative session. It isn't comparing a 20 years span to a 2 year span like the author claims.

2. It claims Fiscal Note is biased against Pramila for not considering whether Ds or Rs control the chamber. This would be a valid critique if FN were comparing House members to Senate members. It isn't. But, when compared with her peers, other Ds who are also hindered by being in an R controlled Senate, Pramila is the least effective.
Additionally, regardless of which chamber you are in, the only way to pass a bill is to get it through both chambers, one currently controlled by Rs and the other by Ds. If you are passing bills, which most legislators are, you have to get them through both houses regardless of which one you are in. You can compare effectiveness over time and see that despite R control most Ds are still ranked interspersed with Rs. Pramila is last, putting her below all the Rs AND the Ds.
@18 I am so flattered you think I was paid to write those. I'd be a rich man if I could get paid to rant about stuff that angers me.
Is it Tim Keck or Dan Savage's boyfriend who turned on Pramila? Especially considering an editor of some sort blocked Ansel's rebuttal to Dan's temper tantrum from two Fridays ago.
@19 Just read that Medium piece. I think it underscores two things: Sen. Jayapal was an impressive activist, and Sen. Jayapal has been a poor legislator.

Points 1 to 3 all reference achievements prior to elected office, and point 4 essentially praises Sen. Jayapal for introducing legislation with no hope of success because it 'lays groundwork' and 'builds the case' for progressive change. I agree that this kind of legislation has its place, but there is another candidate in this race who sponsors these kind of 'message' bills while also passing real progressive legislation into law. Rep. Walkinshaw has sponsored bills that require paid postage on ballots, that cap price-gouging pharmaceutical companies, and that allow cities to ban firearms in public places. These bills went nowhere, but maybe they helped 'lay some groundwork.' At the same time, Walkinshaw passed a dozen bills that materially improve people's lives, while Jayapal passed one.
[Popcorn munching intensifies.]
(Popcorn munching intensifies)
{Popcorn munching intensifies.}
...out of popcorn... : (
"we killed it."

Where did she claim to have killed the payday bill all by herself? or are you also accusing her of using the royal 'we'?

A little rigor in your arguments would be appreciated.
@27 @anon1256, the problem is that the bill wasn't killed at all. To say she or anyone else killed it is wrong.
@20 I was making a point at how ridiculous it was to claim someone was paid by a couple sign, which was an accusation lobbed at me
Sorry I meant campaign not couple sign
It felt fabulous to vote for Pramila today, along with Jill Stein, Tina Podlodowski and Charlie Wiggins.

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