ICYMI: Here's Why You Should Care About the Tech and Finance Billionaires Trying to Influence State Judicial Races


All the money in the world and they'd rather everyone else pay for their pet projects. Great buncha fellers.
Even a cursory look at the Public Disclosure Commission filings will reveal that the very same players, through their Independent Expenditures, are funding the campaign of Erin Jones for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Vote for Charlie Wiggins, and vote for Chris Reykdal.
Doesn't Bill Gates sell products that are used to acquire child porn?
The Gates Foundation has literally saved tens of million of human lives around the globe. They could have just given this money to corrupt governments in Asia and Africa and let them promise to solve the problem. That would've worked just as well, I'm sure of it.

Washington could double its funding amount for education, but the improvement would be marginal.
@4, could you please restate that comment so that it makes sense? Thanks.

I think he's saying that Washington kids are too stupid to learn much, so it's a waste of money to fund schools.
Don't give cyber rim jobs to the uber wealthy David Bond Bomb dear, it's terribly middle-class.
Slog gets itself all sloppy wet reporting on police union corruption but teacher union corruption that steals their future from children, overwhelmingly disproportionately poor children and children of colour, leave her dry and chaffed.

Perhaps a good water based lubricant could jump-start the process?
Oh, Commentor Comltatus. You and that teacher union. What happened? Did some teacher give you a bare bottom spanking or lock you in a box or something?
it makes us crazy when you talk dirty
Comitatatis, could you give us an example of the teachers union corruption? Do tell.
Clinton is enchanted with tech plutocrats even though their industry has one of the worst gender and racial discrimination problems of any in the modern world, and they don't give a crap that the cities in which they are located including Silicon Valley and Seattle have housing affordability and homelessness problems from hell. Clinton has vowed to dip into this cadre of civic bullies to fill high positions in her administration. Be afraid.
@2 has nailed it. Erin Jones accepted a $10,000 prize from the Michael Milkin Foundation, and then claimed that she didn't know Milkin is a conflicted felon who uses this foundation to sanitize his image.
Promoting and funding charter schools -- which have CEOs instead of principals -- AND working to defeat an income tax on wealthy residents -- which would fund public education -- is despicable. If Charlie Wiggins is defeated, this state is in for a world of hurt, inequality, privatized education, and left-behind children enrolled in schools that are scams run by snake oil salesmen and women. The record for most charter schools is terrible. Do some simple research and see for yourself.
@2 I did exactly that.
I would have thought the utter failure of the Gates funded 'Small Learning Communities' project at Mountlake Terrace High School would have made them rethink their tinkering. Guess not.

...MAKES you-all crazy?
It's happening in the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, too:
@5 actually, charter schools have been proven to provide excellent education for disadvantaged children, especially children of color: http://www.forbes.com/sites/modeledbehav… The issue is the teacher's unions don't get to invade Charter schools, and those unions buy off one party (the Democrats) and hence, they do everything they can to spin it in a negative light.
I just love how der SStranger has a big issue with Bill Gates buying this election, but had NO PROBLEM with him throwing his wealth at gun control in the state of Washington: http://money.cnn.com/2014/08/26/technolo… So, money in politics is fine, as long as said billionaires are only donating to the causes you like?
@20- Didn't you leave? I vividly remember you ranting about how as soon as your lease was over you were gone. Also that Forbes article nicely obfuscates that their study that "proves" charters are better serving the poor/minorities gets it's positive results from districts were students are opting into charter lotteries. In other words kids with motivated parents do better in school. Charters are a scam, and it takes an act of pure faith to believe in market solutions for education.
why did you have to say "deep dive"?

Why am I not surprised C_S was as successful making good on his threat/promise to move away from this cesspool of Librul Grup-Think as he is at probably every other endeavor he's ever undertaken. Either that or they kicked his sorry ass out of whatever passes for an Objectivist's version of a "Galt's Gulch" paradise these days.
@20 That article was interesting, but admits it's only positing what might be the case, especially going forward. It doesn't address selective enrollment, either.
@22 You missed the point of the article all together. The charter schools provide a good place for poor, minority, and immigrant children to learn. In many cases providing a better place to learn than in the public schools. These facts are largely ignored due a the most powerful union in the state and their political power. You have wealthy people pouring money into local education and they are treated like goons because the unions are worried about every little dollar they can get their hands on.
Does this guy look more and more like Woody Allen or what?