SeaTac's Federal Detention Facility is a temporary monument for Trump era.
SeaTac's Federal Detention Center is temporarily a monument to the Trump era. Charles Mudede

After the Federal District Court in Portland decided that a government-hating, freedom-loving, gun-crazy gang of seven Americans did not deserve punishment for the six-week armed occupation of a bird sanctuary in a "remote and frigid" corner of Oregon, the lawyer, Marcus R. Mumford, defending Ammon Bundy, the leader of the "protest," demanded that the judge, Anna J. Brown, set his client free immediately. Judge Brown wasn't down with that because Ammon and his older brother, Ryan Bundy, still had some trouble to deal with in Nevada. Mr. Mumford erupted. He could not believe it. What kind of court was this? Show him the papers! Set his man free now! Judge Brown told him: "Mr. Mumford, you really need to never yell at me now or never again." The lawyer knocked over a table. Documents fluttered and fell on the floor. Four officers surround the crazed lawyer. A taser was placed on his body and activated. That was how Portland's biggest trial came to an end.

Last week, the Bundy brothers were transported to the federal facility in SeaTac. They will be detained there for a bit and then sent to Nevada, where they will meet charges in connection with a standoff that happened in 2014. The latest station on the Link line, Angle Lake Station, has an excellent view of the building detaining the world-famous Bundy brothers. The facility is white with mean little windows that, on one side, face the Link station and, on the other, the placid waters of Puget Sound.

There are now three reasons to visit Angle Lake Station, which is 20 minutes from Beacon Hill Station and 40 minutes from Capitol Hill Station. One: The sculpture on the platform (by Haddad|Drugan) is something special when it's windy out. Two: The Al Shukr Mini Market and Bakery, which serves tasty African-style gyros. And three: To behold the building that's detaining two heroes of our era, the Trump era, the era of angry white men who are done with being stepped on by minorities, women, and liberals. Deplorable lives matter. And if crooked Hillary does not rig the election tomorrow and the Trump era becomes official, two of its leading figures will be staring at four walls but be free in spirit.