The Bundy Brothers Are Being Held at SeaTac Prison


north to go south? these transportation costs are a waste of taxpayers hard earned money!
Ebenezer Mudede would have organized rural America much more effectively right, Charles? First step: execute all the white landowners.
Two thumbs up for this post, Charles.
Hasn't Trump promised to pardon the Bundy Bunch en masse on the first day of his presidency yet?
I thought John Henry Brown was the top loon of lawyers, but this Bundy lawyer takes the cake.
I read this and immediately fell to my knees, thanking gGod for his support of True America. 'WTF are you talking about?' I heard him say, the sound emanating from deep in my soul, and also, strangely, my head. "Why, for helping the Bundys get a minimal sentence... that was you, right?" S|HE paused, then replied, 'The guys who staged a full on armed assault on a bird sanctuary, and managed to hold off the helpful relatives who brought them food, drinks, DVDs, anything they needed? They're idiots. Fuck em. Do what you want." 'Huh', I thought to myself. 'That's not what I expected'. I thought about asking him how to solve the problem with global warming hoaxers, but he looked busy. - SO SAYETH THE LORD.