With just one day to go until the general election, Donald Trump supporters cannot help themselves from seizing on the flimsiest of signs that the whole thing is rigged and that the media is in on it. The latest evidence: A photo from a now-deleted Twitter account showing Hillary Clinton on the cover of Newsweek under the words "Madam President."

Snopes fact-checked this rumor and found the real, deeply unexciting story: Both a Hillary Clinton and a Donald Trump version of a commemorative election issue were created under the Newsweek name so they'd be ready to go once the votes came in. Snopes compared it to a Super Bowl game, where they make T-shirts for both possible outcomes. According to this CNN report, Topix, the company that made the issues, only printed the Clinton edition because the Democrat is the favorite to win. But Trump supporters are freaking out, blah, blah, blah, tweets, blah, blah, Infowars, blah.

The better Newsweek story is that reporter Kurt Eichenwald has been spending the day tweeting tidbits from the six months he spent investigating Donald Trump for the magazine. The factoids encompass Trump's business practices, to lies he's told (under oath and on the campaign trail) and his overall crumminess as a human being. Here are just a few of the 129 findings Eichenwald tweeted today:

Good god. VOTE.