City Council Majority Supports New Affordable Housing Plan—But Not Stopping New Police Precinct to Pay for It


What? You mean the city can engage in more than one capital program at one time? I suppose the next thing you'll try to tell me is that temper tantrums in council chambers don't accomplish anything.
This is good news! We need to know more about where the "other funds" for housing will come from. More funds from the State Housing Trust Fund in the 2217 session are hoped for, but uncertain. The funds from the Housing Levy already counted in the 6,000 units over 10 years promised by HALA.
Why don't they redesign the new police station and add a dozen stories and provide housing on the upper level? They're already scraping the land, pouring the foundation.... Isn't there economy of scale by just adding more space and building up?
@3 we call that a police state prison