Hundreds Rally at Seattle City Hall Against Election "Shitshow," Trump


How brave. They somehow managed to take their protest to Seattle City Hall!
This is the political equivalent of threatening to run away from home and pitching a kiddie tent in the back yard.
The antics of progressives who JUST CAN'T EVEN are entertaining as ever.
Holy shit. It worked! Trump just stepped down!

From the New York Times just now:
"After hearing about the gathering of students and vegans of color in Seattle I've rescinded my appointment as your president." Said the President Elect, visibly shaken. Trump continued "So displeased by my election that they actually took part of a weekday to protest me in a solidly liberal city... well, I was moved and now see the error of my ways." And with that he removed his mic and walk off.
Yeah, this will change nothing. But what ever makes you "feel better" and gives you a trigger-free safe space!

This is an important, meaningful start but it is only a beginning.

Remembere, kids:

The Stranger sure has given Hellary a Free Moral Pass these past months: WikIleaks' Julian Assange has been shown by the U.N. to basically a de facto prisoner of the Octopus/Deep State of "Western" Imperialism - of which the Clinton Crime Family is a prominent component of - despite NO convictions ( are you aware that Killary - the Butcheress of Honduras - wants to drone strike him?). Then there's her former employment with one of the most-despised companies on Our Earth: Monsanto; Hellary's membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, and her presence at the shadowy Bilderberger meeting . . . . --- & & .
Where were they when Debbie wASSerman- Schultz , the Ass Media, and the D.N.C. colluded to keep MILLIONS of eligible and TAXPAYING citizens from voting in "closed"-primary states despite helping to PAY for those PUBLIC elections? Huh? Pfft!!! Hypocrisy Alert!!! --- & &
Did anyone catch the Danny Westneat commentary in The Seattle Times, November 30, 2016, about how those in Washington's reddest counties (i.e., Adams, Yakima, and newly reddened Grays Harbor) who ecstatically voted for Trumpism have been the most dependent on Obamacare? And that they just voted to chuck their local friends and neighbors, along with millions of others right back under the uninsured bus for promised jobs? @8 & @9: THERE's your hypocrisy alert.