Glowering Bigot Donald Trump Meets with Class Act President Obama in the White House


Actually Donald is wondering when he gets the nuclear codes.....
That's not the face of a winner.
@1 fuck you
Actually Donald was sitting there wondering how much longer he had to talk to a black man, and how quickly he could have the Clinton's arrested. Why would he have them arrested? Who the fuck knows. Does it matter? All that matters is that the show trial will bring YUUGE ratings.

Many times over the next 4 years Donald Trump will be called upon to speak to the parents of children murdered in a school shooting, or the parents of soldiers or ambassadors killed in Libya, Iraq, or Syria, etc. I'm sure that when those days come his limited vocabulary and inability to feel empathy for anyone will bring great comfort to the families of the victims.

BTW, Comitatus, when Trump gets people killed overseas can we also have multiple Congressional hearings into why Trump is responsible for their deaths?
So how long will it be before the first of Trump's many scandals breaks? Graft and corruption runs deep in Trump shouldn't be long.

Perhaps President Trump will actually provide the nation leadership,
and not be content to be a passive Consoler-in-Chief to a nation in an increasingly rapid descent...

President Trump may screw up,
but he will never lose his greatest virtue,
which is not being Hillary Clinton.

Hopefully not before we can get to the bottom of Hillary's various shenanagins.
Do they make prison uniforms with purple stripes?

But don't you fret,
the Republican Congress will keep a sharp eye on him,
and the Conservative Supreme Court will back them up.
What the fuck is that Alex whoever's quote????

This is the shit that got Trump elected, just the Left version.

I'm full square opposed to Trump. I am gearing up to actively fund opposition to his most egregious actions.

But what the holy fuck did Alex want Obama to do?

We need resistance. We need effective resistance, though.

We'll finally have a useful AG and Justice Dept who will actually let police do their job. This is a great week.
Hey Commentator Anus is back!

I don't think Obama has any choice but to be civil. I'd say let's err on the side of being civil although saying that brings me one step closer to puking. Kind of thinking of the argument against the death penalty here: are you not bringing yourself down to the murderer's level by killing him?

Let's allow the reptiles of the right ownership of incivility. Maybe just maybe some day the build up of bad karma will lead to each and every one of them contracting bowel cancer.
He looks thrilled.

Imagine never having a real job in your life to being the fucking president. I'll bet his head is exploding right about now.
@10 Why bother allowing comments when we all know full well what your dumbass retort is going to consist of?

The commie, yep. The deplorables would have turned out in droves for the commie. If only we had listened to all those clairvoyant college freshmen and unemployed hippies with their expansive and insightful grasp of history and politics.
@12: Ross Perot would have been the same way, no political experience. It's not the first time. Even William Randolph Hearst tried. Donald is just the first to win.
@12 Trump consistently looks terrified in every non-posed picture from the last two days. This is what "being more in over your head than pretty much anyone else in history" looks like. Guess having an actual plan other than "oh, I dunno, maybe build a wall" or "Hillary's a nasty woman" might have been a good idea.
@10 of course, according to Nelson now isn't the time to get rid of the losers that put Republican troglodytes that represent 1/4 of the population in control of the 3 branches of government and 69 out of 99 state assemblies.

Step number 1: Fire everyone at the DNC
Trump looks old, tired and scared. I agree with #15. He's not prepared in the slightest. And perhaps he's realizing that his new job is a 24/7 nightmare he can never leave. I never thought he was serious about actually governing, and I'm sure he's scared to death right now.
Yep Trump and his idiot followers are the dog that caught the car. I was always pretty sure he didn't actually want the job. Problem was that his lack of desire for the job was at odds with his monomaniacal urge to 'win'.

I'm almost inclined to say we have even more to worry about if he decides to bail or some new skeleton comes crawling out of his closet that forces him to resign. I could see Ivanka shaming daddy into not turning old ladies out of their hospital beds but nothing is going to impede the inhuman ideological zeal of the dark lords in his entourage. President Pence could very well be worse than President Trump.
I'm with @8 and @11... I see absolutely no good coming out of Obama acting like Trump. The definition of statemenship is "wisdom and skill in the management of public affairs." We need more adults, not 2 year olds.
The Economist forecasts what we will get from Trump by looking at Berlusconi. Sounds about right. Trump will pass laws that, surprisingly, pump enormous profits into Trump companies. He'll pass laws that shield him while punishing his enemies. And the bros that get hired for the White House and in Washington will rape many, many women and more than a few men.

"Yet his years in office were characterised by modest economic growth, interspersed with periods of stagnation and recession. By the end of his final term in 2011, Italians were poorer in real terms than they had been when he regained power ten years earlier. If there is a lesson for Americans to be drawn from the Berlusconi decade, it is that success as a businessman is no guarantee of the ability to manage an economy.

Where Mr Berlusconi did succeed was in passing copious volumes of legislation that favoured his own interests. By one count, his governments introduced more than 30 so-called ad personam laws that helped his businesses or shielded him from indictment or conviction by the prosecutors and judges who he argued were hounding him.

Mr Trump may not be able or willing to act similarly, but he may find it tempting to indulge in another form of personalisation that became a speciality of the Italian former prime minister: that of diplomacy. Mr Berlusconi was convinced he could foster Italy’s interests with the same deal-making skills that had made him rich. Never much at ease with his EU peers, he found his talents worked best with dictators like Muammar Qaddafi and the leaders of “illiberal democracies” such as Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin.

It can be argued no real harm came of the man-to-man chats of which Mr Berlusconi was so fond. But it is one thing for the prime minister of Italy to cosy up to the Kremlin, and quite another for the American president to do so. After all, he is the man with his finger on the nuclear trigger."
shits getting real, no daily dose of campaign crowd adulation, fuck I won, is this winning? this policy crap is for schmucks, can't we just campaign forever? sez donalds face
cue soundgarden's no attention

when does the war start, please?
@18 nails it and suggests the obvious course to take, now that we see the wiggly jelly inside these would-be fascists. Resist, resist, resist. From the smallest to largest action, pour sand in that Trumpian crankcase. Let no opportunity to gum up the works pass by.
He's in way over his head, and he knows it. He's appointing a bunch of failures and has-beens for advisors. This stress of this last little adventure is going to kill him, and then we'll have President Pence. He should have just just stayed with his little TV show.