This is a call for unity that I can support. Well presented, Charles.
I'd be curious to see a map of the ST3 Prop. 1 results across the Sound Transit region. I recall reading somewhere that, while Prop. 1 lost in Pierce County, it won in Tacoma.

Plus, depending on those results, I'm inclined to say, let's not leave out Bellevue. It could be that someone like King County Councilmember and all-around Sound Transit champion Claudia Balducci far better speaks for the values of Bellevue 2016 than does Kemper Freeman.
Disregarding the rest of Washington state residents who vote "blue" is getting tiresome.
Also not all rural areas of Washington are conservative. We have a vibrant, progressive community that makes up the majority on Whidbey Island. Sure there are a few more conservatives out here than across the water in Everett/Seattle, but we're nothing like my home county in rural Montana. Most of us up here are in just as much shock as the city dwellers.

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