Marc Bamuthi Joseph is a multidisciplinary artist and an inspiring voice.
Marc Bamuthi Joseph is a multidisciplinary artist and an inspiring voice. Courtesy of YBCA

In a post on the web site of arts funder Creative Capital ("How Creative Capital Replaced the NEA and Taught Artists to be Ambitious"), artists are speaking out in the aftermath of the election.

I like what Marc Bamuthi Joseph wrote:

Support The Stranger

Mo(u)rning thoughts... eight years ago, as I was holding my son and feeling hope, some father across the values universe was holding his kid and shaking with rage and loss... probably feeling that America had abandoned him, the way many of us are feeling today... I can only assume that father spent his time integrating into a movement that reversed his Obama autumn shock... much like movement is the answer for those on the other end of today's moral compass.

Patriarchy, white supremacy, militarism and sexism are the center, but they are not the sun. 20 million fewer people voted in this season than in 2012, and for those that did, the people who voted for Clinton STILL make up the popular majority. The margin of victory this morning includes the measure of our undocumented, the number of our unjustly incarcerated, the score of our apathetic, the sum total of the systemically marginalized, and of what's left, Clinton voters were STILL the plurality. This morning WE are the CULTURAL majority, but the POLITICAL minority, a landscape echoing the South Africa that swallowed Mandela's prime.

Trump's victory was bred in the vitriol at the edge of Obama's hope. Seasons change. We literally are on the edge now... as a majority, we will not be silent.