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I'm writing because we need someone to take an active stance against the regressive urge to blame the Democratic Party for 2016. Language like "It's time to take our party back" is Trumpian. We picked the nominee who was the overwhelming favorite of black and Latinx voters; no one "took" our party away from us! Urban, white elites with the feels don't need to reclaim it.

Rather we should work on growing the Democratic Party by being proud Democrats (which will also bring in more progressives who can lean our party toward the urban agenda).

We're the non-racist-party-of-better-fucking-math who nominated the candidate who DIDN'T sexually assault 15 people. We are not an evil empire even at our most sugar-subsidizing-worst. Anyone serious about progressive change should get on board or shut the hell up, cause you can't make change with Jill Stein's numbers.

The best defense against the bullshit, "independent" claim that the there is no difference between the two parties is to STOP REPEATING IT! Stop pretending that we're too corporate! We've made some strategic alliances for valid progressive aims like GETTING 22 MILLION PEOPLE HEALTH INSURANCE!

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People who want to "take our party back from the corporations" should take a look at the massive boost in Wells Fargo's stock price as investors salivate over shredding Dodd-Frank and feel stupid-as-fuck for ever saying Hillary was too close to Wall Street.

A progressive...with an MBA...who can do math!