I could use some advice. I've been dating my boyfriend for a while now. Since I'm a very sex-positive girl, I convinced him to finally open up about his fetishes—I could tell he was ashamed and torn about sharing them with me, but I've been with my fair share of guys and surfed the net for years, so I was pretty convinced nothing would shock me. Well, turns out he's into soft vore. I'm not gonna lie, when he told me I was a bit put off by it, but of course I didn't tell him. I started looking for information about his fetish and, it turns out, it's not as uncommon as I thought it would be. I stumbled upon many, many websites for likeminded people, and my understanding of it is that vores really long for intimacy and protection. Is my interpretation correct? Also, after learning about it I realized it's less extreme than some of the stuff we usually engage in like heavy BDSM, so I want him to feel fulfilled. Is there any way I can help him "act out" on his fetish (he would like to be the eatee)?

Fully Understanding Lover's Lusts

Everything I know about vore comes from book/internet learnin', FULL, but I know enough to say vore covers a pretty diverse set of practices and people get into vore for all sorts of reasons. (Both things could be said of any fetish or kink.) So you'll have to do some more exploring and press your boyfriend to share more details. Is he into the intimacy and protection aspects of vore? Is it an extension of a mouth and/or pregnancy fetish? Does it tie into an interest in bondage? Learning more about what gets him going (in addition to him wanting to be the eatee) is the first step.

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For readers who aren't familiar with vore, the thread that links its different genres is that the person is turned on by the thought of being eaten alive or eating another creature alive. Vore is divided between "soft" and "hard," kinda like BDSM; soft vore doesn't require simulated bloodshed, hard vore is rarer and involves the ripping of (imaginary!) flesh and the shedding of (simulated!) blood. Large creatures capable of swallowing and/or devouring humans are usually important to the fetish (as you'll discover if you do an image search for 'vore' on Google), but sometimes it's just a grown man hanging out inside a pregnant woman's belly. Since most vore fantasies involve large creatures that qualify as fantastical beasts (megakinkfauna), the fetish requires its participants to create fantasy narratives, build their own creatures, or seek employment at the Jim Henson Company (where they can sneak in after hours and repurpose vore-scale Muppets).

So, FULL, you can act out these narratives in real life—props, costumes, stage blood—or you can explore through roleplay and dirty talk. You don't even have to be in the same room to get started: you can sext each other about vore, you can create a dirty story together over email, you can make videos of you licking a phone camera or closing it inside your mouth, etc. If your boyfriend wants to get physical, start with mouthy things like biting, licking, sucking, etc., combined with dirty talk about digesty things like chewing, swallowing, gastric juicing, etc. You can swaddle him in bedsheets and simulate him being in your stomach—incorporate some gooey liquid to make it feel more like being in a stomach—but be careful not to smother him if you go "full enclosure." Remember, kids: accidentally smothering someone is bad.

Vore isn't a fetish most people can wrap their heads around, FULL, so you're getting upgraded to a platinum GGG card.

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