I Know You're Still Thinking About Trump, but We Need to Talk About the City Budget


Who is pushing for pronto and bike shares?!?! Wouldn't be better to spend the money on bike infrastructure?
"it's the latest example of Herbold's effectiveness. While Sawant stakes out her ideal position, Herbold is more willing to compromise."

(The likable) Herbold's effectiveness was born of (the prickly) Sawant's leadership.
<<< No increased funding for the Tenants Union of Washington State: O'Brien and Sawant floated an idea to spend $500,000 to help the understaffed Tenants Union hire more staff and do more outreach to tenants who may be facing eviction. But they couldn't get support from any of their other colleagues for the proposal. Instead, the council requested that the city's construction department come up with a plan for a "landlord tenant resource center" in future years. >>>

This is not good. Tenants need the support given by the TU now more than ever. This housing shortage means being are getting taken advantage of and need someone standing besides' them. This action by the council is beyond frustrating. I'm donating to TU right now. You should, too!

Ok, just read the article on Herbold's financing proposal. Basically, terrible. Diverting the taxes from new construction is a net decrease in revenue because new construction requires services, those services are budgeted from the city, the money to pay for the new services is budgeted from the new revenue, and Herbold wants to spend the new revenue on this other thing.

That's double spending the same money. The idea of creating a city bank of funds for non-profits, assuming the funds aren't over encumbered is great, but you're going to need new revenue for it. Anything else is double spending the same dollar.
Here is your future seattle...higher taxes, fewer services, lack of federal funds.

Maybe Google will kick in the deficit seattle will be running due to your elected "leader's" pledge to remain a sanctuary city.

That is your leader's right, to declare themselves anything they want...and when they do, guess whose lives have to deal with the consequences...you, your neighbors, your family, your streets, your workers.

Own it seattle, I'll be watching from a place that is not as messed up as your part of the NW.

I hope you and your leaders forge a new way of paying for services while you're bleeding out by paying for services.
Three things:

1. Bike share mostly used by tourists. Want to increase bike rides? Get rid of the helmet law for adults.

2. Lots of cops speak another language. Probably French, German, or Latin. Doesn't help immigrants that they do

3. Hold a bake sale to pay for garages.