With increasing housing costs throughout the city driving out artists at an alarming rate, Sonic Decay—a night dedicated to "remix[ing] and re-enact[ing] the cyclical growth patterns of Seattle's DIY music scene"— serves an important function. This multimedia event, which takes place Saturday, November 19 at South Lake Union's MadArt Studio, aims to document the underground cultural history that's played a key role in fostering some of Seattle's most interesting music and prevent it from vanishing into the ether—even as some of its instigators ponder leaving the area. The bill includes brief oral histories, ephemera, artists displaying their archives of various defunct DIY venues, and the premiere of a mini-documentary Remembering HTFC, about the revered Capitol Hill DIY space Healthy Times Fun Club, directed by Myke Pelly (aka HINTS).

In an email interview, Pelly said that the film focuses on the venue's final days, its history, and its philosophy. "It also focuses on what DIY spaces of today can learn from what HTFC did for the community," he adds. "There are spotlights of memorable shows like Lightning Bolt, No Age, Abe Vigoda, along with interviews with previous tenants and volunteers who helped keep the space thriving for years."

When Pelly heard about Sonic Decay, he recalled that HTFC dweller and former Footwork band mate Taylor Wingett had given him a few tapes consisting of footage shot in November 2011, the space's final month of activity. The original plan was for Pelly to edit the film then, but he didn't get inspired to do so until this October."Right now, more than ever," Pelly says, "it's super-important people remember this space and the people who were involved. Community is everything, and I hope this film delivers some of the love that Healthy Times provided."


Find more info about Sonic Decay here. See who's contributing below.

Amanda Karmelita
Brian Cunningham
DJ Brnt Zza
DJ Traditional Girl
Emory Liu
Eric Olson
Garrett Kelly
Jack McKool
Joseph P. Traina
Keenan Dowers
Keith Tucker
Malaki Stahl
Malia Alexander
Medium Weekend
Myke Pelly
Nathan Donnell
Rachel Robillard
Sloan Dowdy Wood
Victoria Holt