"Mike Pence" Makes 46,000 Donations to Planned Parenthood


Please also donate to REWA (Refugees Women Alliance), NRDC (Nat Resources Defense Council), Greenpeace, 350.org, MSF (Doctors without Borders), SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), RAIIN and NARAL.

Because Trumpocalypse
This is excellent. At what point do they name a clinic after him?

A clinic? Hell, let's name ALL the Planned Parenthood Clinics after him. It'll make things extra awkward when the jackbooted Alt-Right brown shirts start vandalizing and fire bombing them,
Don't forget the ACLU and Lambda Legal. They're going to need deep pockets over the next few years.
Donating to Planned Parenthood is great. But part of this plays into the Rights'plan. Their argument for defunding everything is that the private sector will pick things up. Pence can point to this as validation.
I am pro-choice to an extent- but some of y'all use it as a form of birth control. We have plenty forms of birth control, women shouldn't be using abortion as one of them. As far as the ACLU goes they are about like the NAACP, they only show their face when it's a high profile case, that may get them in the news!. If y'all are mad because the babies being killed were just a bad choice on an incoherent, drunkin night keep whining because THAT SHIT IS WRONG! If you're grown enough to fuck, then you're grown enough to be stuck! That goes for men and women!
Babies and zygotes are not equivalents.
Sure. Because abortions are cheap, convient, and comfortable some women don't bother using birth control.
aodom dear, I think people should have as many abortions as they want. Actually, I think it should be encouraged. There's way too many stupid people who are here for no good reason. What little they do in this world could be done by robots.
"some of y'all use it as a form of birth control"
literally no one does that.

"We have plenty forms of birth control". On this I agree. However, access to birth control, sex ed, and family planning education are all pretty limited in some communities, especially "red" counties. Alcohol and drug abuse is also highest in those communities. That's why we need Planned Parenthood in rural and poorer communities, so that those irresponsible sluts (and the women who sleep with them) have some choices.
You nailed that Sandiai.

@5: Staunch anti-abortionists would not be satisfied if clinics were only privatly funded. No, they want to take away the right entirely.
@10: Given that it is indecent to ask stupid people to abort themselves, I don't see how your plan would work.
Raindrop dear, don't be silly - zygotes can't self-abort. That's the decision of the woman. I think maybe if we offered incentives: Toasters, electric blankets, color TV's, Side-by-Side refrigerators - things like that - we could entice them.
People who start by giving zygotes the rights and respect proper to people will quickly give people only the rights and respect proper to zygotes.
gandolf, etc: You're maudlin and full of self-pity. You're magnificent.