WA Rep. Suzan DelBene Introduces Bill to Ban Registration Based on Religion


Every single Republican who has ever uttered the phrase "religious freedom" better cosponsor that bill.
It's already illegal. More laws aren't required.
Yeah, I won't hold my breath. When they say "religious freedom" they really mean "christian privilege."
Good move. [And yes, such a registry would already be illegal, and Trump probably wasn't going to attempt it anyway, but that's not the point.] Many GOP Rep's will feel compelled to vote for this measure -- if it gets a vote.

And it can still be derailed by poison-pill "religious freedom" amendments that will shear off Democratic votes.
But The Left loves these little showy meaningless public spectacles.
Let them have their harmless fun, it makes them feel morally superior.
#5 Because shutting up about evil or discrimination always works so well.
@5, it's not any different than your attempts to ban Sharia law.

And we just plain are morally superior. There isn't any pretending involved.
The problem is that federal law generally "trumps" state law, and as well such as the Selective Service law, failure to sign up results in loss if federal benefits.
How about a bill for better wages, how about a bill for a cap on rents, how about a bill for decent medical care that doesn't force people into bankruptcy. Oh yeah, that's right- we need a bill for something that doesn't exist! Must be part of the "hope" and "progressive thinking" that cost liberals the presidency and both houses of Congress!
hooray for delbene, yes it's a show, it's politics, and if it ever gets a vote well that's the tell. nseer was about country of origin, and there's other ways to legally discriminate and profile, so the show is good but educate too.
Derek Kilmer also represents Kitsap county---right across the water from Seattle.
Why? If Trump wants a registry, this bill isn't going to stop him - if he somehow failed to pressure his GOP allies in the House and Senate to kabosh it, he'd simply veto it. If Trump tries to make a registry, the courts are the only solution. Donate to the ACLU instead.