Never before have the stakes been so low.

But has Sawant ever read anything by Mudede before? It can be really hard to tell if he is lying or just a moron.
Is the editor's note saying Sawant wrote, "Progressives should not support Hillary Clinton" supposed to refute her assertion that Charles falsely claimed she had “made the case that Clinton was exactly the same as Trump”? Because it doesn't.
"Never before have the stakes been so low."

Says a person who gets into online football arguments.
"But at the same time, hundreds of thousands of people have already poured into the streets to protest powerfully against Trump!"
very impressive.
Sadly for you, however, not nearly as impressive as the Tens of Millions of Americans who had already poured into the polling places to reject the Leftist status quo.

Democracy is actually tougher than it looks, best engaged in by adults with a little maturity.
We Americans are optimistic by nature and like to think Democracy is the cure for everyones troubles all across the globe but the tragic reality is that many societies demonstrate themselves not ready for Prime Time, and fail at democracy.

The petulant immature spoiled American't Left is similarly failing Democracy 101.

Sawant's self important proclamations remind of a banana republic dictator's pompous bragging, embarrassing to watch, impressive in its cluelessness.

Madam, if you want to see what a political movement looks like admire the lesson from what was wrought by Donald and the American People; defeating both political parties, the Media, Hollywood, the Washington Establishment....

Did you hear the People sing?
Singing the song of angry men
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again

You are not the Revolutionary here, Madam; just an embarrassing clueless attention whore riding the tired worn-out old nag of Leftism.
The math is simple enough.






You do the math.
Dear Kshama Sawant:

One of the hallmarks of true revolutionaries is that they engage in constant, rigorous self-criticism, and that they always question both their assumptions and conclusions.

In your case, once the Democratic convention had concluded, there then were only two possible outcomes to the election. Either Trump would win, or Clinton would win. However that came about, and for whatever reasons,certainly was relevant in the long term, but became moot in the short term. Because in the short term, a Trump presidency was the imminent threat.

You can go on and on about how you didn't want Trump, and how you considered him an abomination, but when you campaigned for the hapless, useless, worthless Jill Stein, you not only undermined Clinton and helped enable Trump, but you undermined the very argument you make today -- that we all must unite to resist Trump.

I share your desire to resist Trump, and certainly will join you, but for my own reasons, and hardly as any follower of yours. Until I see some public self-criticism of your failure to unite against Trump BEFORE the election, and not after the fact, I will continue to suspect everything you say and do.
KS fought against the democrats. She went to Philadelphia to host rallies against Democrats in the weeks before the election. That made enough of a difference to cost the Democrats the election. This is just another case of the far left and the far right teaming up to bring about disaster so they can be left to fight over the mess. KS believes that the only way to bring about the change she wants, the collectivization of business, the end of democracy, etc, is to destroy the country first. I only hope she pays a price for it at the ballot box next time she runs for City Council.
@4: We are all private citizens anonymously wasting time on a blog, not elected officials writing editorials.

Imagine all the differences there.
Is No. 2 being sarcastic? Or, wait, do they mean steaks as opposed to stakes? If you mean 'steaks' then you will want to sear both sides on pretty high heat in a good cast iron, then maybe finish in the oven. Let the steaks rest on a cooling rack for a good 10 minutes. If you meant 'stakes' then they are actually pretty high. It can be hard to tell sometimes. I think you meant 'steaks.'
The Democrats were warned for over a year that huge numbers of people would never vote for Hillary Clinton and that's exactly what happened. Millions of people simply stayed home, and low turnout screwed us.

My gawd, 53% of white women voted for President Pussygrabber, a fact that's still making me retch.

Blaming third party voters for the Trump fiasco is a dangerous, self-defeating lie and only serves to turn us against each other when we must present a united front against the world's most destructive Twitter Troll.
All Sawant cares about is keeping her name in the press - accomplished for 11.22.2016. Well done Slog!

i'd offer ms. sawant the same advice i offer to others on the slog - don't waste time trying to engage with mudede, because he's either a laughably transparent troll, or a complete idiot. i'm honestly not sure which it is, but either way, engaging with him has proven time and time again to be pointless.
Of course she immediately misses the point - that we will not motivate anyone we need to by going straight to litanies of socialist paradises like she always prefers. Remember all of those Iraq war and Occupy protests that went on and on and only annoyed people who weren't chanting and shaking their signs? That's all you're going after.
"Defeating the right wing will require everyone who agrees on opposing Trump's agenda to stand together against him ..."

And the obvious to everyone time for this was after Hillary won the nomination. Well, obvious to everyone who wasn't in a self-serving narrcissistic idealogier-than-thou snit. Those people thought they could continue to spew the sort of ridiculously out of balance vitriol at Clinton because deep down you thought she'd win, so why not get in some more shots and score some more points.

But guess what? Those of us who fucking told you that Trump certainly could win, so knock it off and get realistic, were fucking right. Don't tell me that in your heart-of-hearts if you could go back you wouldn't do it any different. You would go back and fight tooth and nail for the warty left centrism (and its most left ever platform) that you relentlessly demonized. If this isn't the case then you are actually a bad person, not just an insulated ideological narcissist.

So now we get a cataclysmic disaster of unprecedented at the federal level that is going to grind up the less-enfranchised like leftover pig parts. What you should be doing instead of acting aghast and outraged is ablutions and an apology tour for letting your narcissistic, self-serve idealism blind you to the part you were playing in increasing the chances this insane outcome was allowed to happen. Of course you'll never own this, because people who did what you did for the reasons you did as a pathology never do.

So probably I'm wasting key stroke talking truth to power here, but Charles is right - you ran the car into incoming traffic so for just a fucking minute why don't you regroup and let someone else steer? Note this is coming from a Bernie supporter and popularly-requested delegate who turned many voters his way without running down Clinton.
@13 yeah, aside from those 1.75 million more votes she won, she surely couldn't win American votes. Maybe if people like you would have stopped spouting the Breitbart-in-a-mirror paranoaic horseshit, right now, with back of hand to forehead, you'd be ruing the most left ever platform transitioning into the White House? Think how much cakier-and-eat-it-too that would be than this current genuine disaster you catalyzed. You could have remained the political hip and not have brutal run down the less-enfranchised in the process.
@5 it's not a very convincing argumentum ad populum when the position you're railing against actually had more popular support.
"This well-worn “pragmatic” and “realistic” approach is part of what cost Bernie Sanders the primary, as many people bought into the establishment's argument that he was somehow less electable."…

"In the end, Clinton failed to defeat the most unpopular candidate in modern American history, receiving several millions fewer votes than Obama in 2012, including fewer votes from women."

I'm sure op-eds entitled "Don’t Waste Your Vote on the Corporate Agenda—Vote for Jill Stein and the Greens" written by you had *nothing* to do with this, right?

I voted for Sawant twice. The first time it was enthusiastic, and the second time grudgingly. There will not be a third time. Between this stuff and Sawant's willingness to appear on Russian propaganda TV on shows hosted by people who think Putin is just great, I am over her.

Here's the appearance:…

RT, or Russia Today, is "a part of the Russian industry of misinformation and manipulation." More background here:…
You used the not-inconsequential platform the voters of Seattle gave you to do you best to ensure a fascist was elected, by discouraging and driving down support for the only plausible alternative. Your refusal to take accountability for this recklessness, because you cared more about maintaining your "too good for coalitional politics" personal brand is deeply shameful but not surprising.

Mudede has never been more right in his sorry life.
@ 18,

The fact is that millions fewer people voted at all. If Clinton had simply maintained the number of Obama voters that turned out in 2012, then she would be the president-elect.

Your strident, ad hominem attacks against me are a perfect example of the groupthink, denial, and willful blindness that's led us directly down this highway to hell.
Being a progressive should involve offering a path to progress. Sawant and SA don't, deluded into thinking that everyone has the luxury of time. I'm personally done with this progressive coalition. I'm joining the technocrats who are trying to spreadsheet their way out of this mess.

@17, Preach!
Socialists have always advocated a "united front approach" against the far right; that is how we win a better world. The exceptions have been "first them, then us", which means, elect the biggest monster and people will flock to socialism. (The crazies in the RCP also advocate this.) That was the communists' strategy in Weimar, and it was a disaster. It was also a disaster for SA on November 8th, who encouraged people to vote third party, to effectively stay home, while trashing Clinton. Sawant, you will have blood on your hands, and so will Phil and Calvin and all the rest. I will not follow you.
I also want people to start explaining what they mean by "corporate money."
@ 8:

Self-criticism is EVERYBODY'S responsibility, smart guy. Even yours and mine.
Basic issue, KS, is that you
1 have poor judgment
2 piss-off a lot of people needlessly
It's likely that Clinton will match or surpass Obama's 2012 numbers when all the votes are counted.
Just a quick comment into the fray:

Not only did Clinton win the popular vote by 1.6+ million votes

But the ongoing discovery of impressively large GOP voter fraud and vote suppression effectively cancelled at least 1.1 million more votes -- and in key states like Ohio, Michigan, NC, AZ.

Which suggests Clinton actually won by 2.7 million votes.

The real question is, this GOP initiated voter fraud occurred during the 2000 and 2004 elections, and probably during the 2008 & 2012 elections as well (although it couldn't squelch the enormous tide) -- Why the feck hasn't the Dems stepped in to stop this?

THAT is their biggest failure. Perhaps they were, you know, into it.
So stop fighting amongst yourselves, and recognize that It Can Happen here... the vote can --and has-- been stolen. By ardent racists (eg. Kris Kobach) no less.
I'm with @32: Stop stirring up lefty in-fighting, "Stranger"! That's been our Achille's Heel from Jump street!

I don't agree with KS's championing of Jill Stein (an even less qualified presidential candidate than Ralph Nader), but that doesn't change the fact that KS is one of the few progressive politicians -- in the Northwest and in the country -- who is not rolling over for this impending fascist regime and who is able to grab the spotlight and make something of it. Quit nitpicking!! As she says, the anti-Trump movement needs clear leadership, and it ain't gonna be Joe and Jane Undergrad mewing to a tv reporter as tear gas tears stream down their cheeks.
You kids keep whining about the popular vote like it matters at all,
or anybody gives a shit.
It doesn't. Grow up.
And we don't.
In fact, it makes the victory all the sweeter.
@33 Are you fucking kidding? Championing Jill Stein is the ultimate way to stir up lefty infighting. That's be Sawant, Stein, and Sanders' whole jam!
I see Clintonians bemoaning the fact that Clinton lost, blaming it on people they thought should have known better, overlooking the fact we DID know better, and that is why we didn't cote for Clinton. then they have the gall to point to election fraud in the general, while they deny the reality of voter suppression and election fraud in the primaries. It is good Clinton lost. Now we have a chance to bring about a progressive renewal in the Democratic Party. If we blow the opportunity, or if the remaining Clinton Democrats are able to scheme their way into keeping control of the party, maybe it'll be Trump for 8 years.
@35: "You say tomato, I say tom-ah-toe..."

(As sung by Harry Connick Jr, because the "When Harry Met Sally" soundtrack was my mom's jam.)
If you consider widespread GOP voter fraud --- a deliberate debasement of Democracy --- is equal to 'victory' then how committed to "Democracy" are you?
Hey, if the losing side can steal an election to get a fascist in, then by all means!, enjoy your 'victory' while it lasts. Because it won't.
Or do you share Drumpf's contention that encouraging more misery and fomenting riots is a positive solution for this country?
Imagine if...the other half of the activists Munson had interviewed...had been told at the outset that they were only welcome if they had certain preexisting beliefs. It very likely would have prevented them from becoming effective members of the movement.That’s a lesson Munson thinks today’s organizers should keep in mind: The more your movement broadcasts ideological demands, the more you drain the pool of potential members.
KS, I am with you. The USA's many wars in many countries were barely a blip in any campaign except Jill Stein's, whose policies are more comprehensive and integrated than the other candidates. "Hot spots" was the title of the foreign affairs section in the last debate between Clinton and Trump. Hot spots! How cute. How can the USA hope to be a non-racist society, and yet bomb people in other countries, the ultimate racist act? We should march against Trump, and we should have marched more against Obama and Clinton. The distraction of the demos vs the repubs is costing all of us dearly.
198 Methods of Nonviolent Action (it's an 11x17 pdf)
KS, you lost me with the scare quotes you put round the words “pragmatic” and “realistic.”
SHOCKER! Non-Democrat Not Supporting Democrats!

STOP THE PRESSES! Non-Republican Opposes Republicans!

Socialists aren't helping Democrats? AND they're not helping Republicans either? Whaaaaat? Whose side are these Socialists on, anyway? Their behavior is tantamount to acting like Socialist Alternative whole OTHER PARTY. Has the world gone mad? What next? Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

There are only two parties. There are only two parties. There are only two parties. There are only two parties. There are only two parties. Say it with me everyone we gotta keep saying it or tinkerbell will die! There are only two parties. There are only two parties! There are only two parties! Help us Jesus! There are only two parties! There are only two parties! There are only two parties! Mother!!!!!!!!
18, Clara T: I was going to write something very similar to your comment, so thank you for saving me the time. The idea that marching arm in comfy polar fleece clad arm with Trump in a relentlous, vicious and highly personal effort to destroy Clinton on every level had no effect on the election is absurd.

As Nate Silver wrote, if only one person in a hundred had switched to Clinton we'd be looking a whole different future right now. Instead we have Trump. And poorly reasoned 'it's not my fault' articles like this one always manage to shift even the tiniest whiff culpability over to one of a never ending list of real or imagined bogeymen who ate their homework, shouting down any serious, thoughtful or nuanced discussion of how to, first, best protect those who need it the most, and second, move the moral and ethical ball in the right direction, despite the tough decisions and compromises such an approach takes in a country as complex as ours.

And all the sound and fury that Councilwoman Sawant is now promising for her egregious lack of due diligence and serious or responsible statesmanship will signify nothing. A mouse that roars is still a mouse and will be ignored by those now in power, and continue to annoy those of us who are fed up with marginal and petulant ideologues fucking everything up for the rest of us. Next time go fix some potholes, Councilwoman Savant. Please.
Idealism is for teenage philosophy stoners who only know how to lose and Sawant is more about personal brand than actual results- she's probably working on a book now to be the anti-Ann Coulter.
Dan Rather would appear to support Sawant. See his latest post . . .…
The fact is that if everyone had voted for Jill Stein, Trump would not be the next president. Therefore, if you didn't vote for Jill Stein, this is all your fault and so (following Mudede's logic) you have no business protesting Trump's policies.
Your just bitter because Obama couldn't find his own asshole with his 'mandate' .
Prepare to see sparks fly when the new administration gets to town.

Actually we don't consider hysterical fictional hypocritical Leftist accusations at all.

This election was the purest cleanest expression of Democracy this Republic has ever seen.
How dare you try to claim any kind of leadership for the 5,000+ student march! Those students planned and executed that themselves, not through any organizing effort of Socialist Alternative. In fact, I witnessed SA people try to hijack the student protest by inserting themselves into the group and trying to direct their chanting, circling like vultures with their SA clipboards, and trying to get kids to carry the SA signs. I don't know whether the students from Seattle U were with SA, but they too tried to hijack the group, lecturing at them from the center of the field at Cal Anderson with megaphones, while these students' own school leaders were not permitted to speak. You and your friends need to keep your claws off the young people -- they don't need you trying to lead them, they have shown themselves fully capable of organizing and acting on many issues that concern them over the years, including this one.

I'm with whoever above who said they voted for Sawant twice, but never will again. None of her work is about her constituents, it's all about her and how she thinks the world should be run.

The DNC lost this election by not inspiring enough Democrats to's that simple. We'll continue to loose until we self reflect and evolve. Blaming others for our own shortcomings is the party's path to obsolescence. KS has always been consistent (and persistent...and loud...and effective...and at times annoying) in her messaging. KS and the Socialist Alternatve Party would be strong allies in our fight against Trump and for economic, social, and environmental justice.
In a political environment where socialist ranks at the very bottom of the list of qualities voters are looking for in a candidate, right behind atheist, gasp, and even below the even more gasp worthy runner up, Muslim, the idea that anyone calling themselves a member of the Socialist Alternative Party (the SAPS) would be a strong ally in anything other than an Evergreen College undergraduate political science debate is as depressing as it is laughable. Go Saps! You've got 'em on the run now.
Socialism is not a dirty word...your sarcasm implies that you know better, so why not just say it. It's like coming out as gay to family and friends - people are going to be angry, afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed but eventually they'll figure out they've been misinformed and see that homosexuality is actually a pretty normal thing.
There's a progressive faction of the Democratic party that believes in government for the people by the people. It's responsible for establishing/growing/saving social security, medicare, minimum wage, labor laws, and many more programs that lay a foundation for a healthy society...values shared by most (all?) socialists. Different parties can be allies on many important issues.

The lesser-evillist lily-livered lunacies vomited out by some confused posters here were answered nearly 2 centuries ago by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels:
" ... the proletariat must take care ... that workers’ candidates are nominated everywhere in opposition to bourgeois-democratic candidates. As far as possible they should be League members and their election should be pursued by all possible means. Even where there is no prospect of achieving their election the workers must put up their own candidates to preserve their independence, to gauge their own strength and to bring their revolutionary position and party standpoint to public attention. They must not be led astray by the empty phrases of the democrats, who will maintain that the workers’ candidates will split the democratic party and offer the forces of reaction the chance of victory. All such talk means, in the final analysis, that the proletariat is to be swindled. The progress which the proletarian party will make by operating independently in this way is infinitely more important than the disadvantages resulting from the presence of a few reactionaries in the representative body."…

And today by Marx and Engels’s political daughter Kshama Sawant:
“The Democrats are not the Lesser Evil (compared to the Republicans).
-- they’re the More Effective Evil”.

And Public Enemy’s Chuck D., lyrics from “By the Time I Get to Arizona”:
“Neither party is mine, not the jackass nor the elephant ... What they need is a nosebleed”

Take courage and march with us as we combat the bosses’ and Trump’s vile anti-worker agenda.

Let’s strive to create a federation-type of mass party of the 99%; against the Republican and Democrat parties; hopefully including Socialist Alternative, the Green Party, Black Lives Matter, 15Now, NODAPL, Socialist Students, all other genuinely progressive forces, and above all the huge numbers of young people, workers and students moving into struggle.

Dump the Elephant, Dump the Ass! Build a Party of the Working-Class!
highplainsdrifter: The things you obviously care deeply about are simple truths and always worth fighting for. For me, to use your example, the idea of hating and wanting to hurt gay people makes me dream of a magic button that would make those dreadful people go away. Hate immigrants and/or people of color? Pass the button. Get rid of these genetic freaks. These leftover fragments of DNA from the cave days, when there were far more real dangers lurking in the shadows than the stupid and ridiculous things that seem to scare the shit out of them now. Oh my god, the Mexicans are taking over all the minimum wage jobs at Mcdonalds! Run!

But not all of them are hopeless, or driven by hate, and I'd only use the button on the worst of them, the virulent haters. I think that far more of them are driven by fear, and insecurity, and all those other silly human weaknesses and doubts than by genuine malice. But self-righteously rubbing their noses in the most hated and feared idea of all, the Pavlov's bell of all political trigger words, socialism, aka communism to them, makes about as much sense as telling some kid having nightmares that of course there are monsters are hiding under their bed; that's where monsters live.

And expecting people like me to go along with an idea so completely antithetical to even the most basic understanding of human nature and motivation, whether we agree with you or not, and as a condition for any kind of alliance, ain't gonna happen. Like most responsible adults, we tell the kids that it must have been Santa Claus hiding under the bed, trying to figure out what to bring them for Christmas next year, rather than scaring the holy hell out of them like you're suggesting, despite how tempting the guilty pleasure of that might be. Words are important. Don't waste them on slogans that make you sound or feel good. That's not how it's done.
#55, socialistworld: My guess is that anyone capable pecking out such a preposterous word salad of nonsensical cliches would not be someone any of the real workers I know would want to build even a birdhouse, let alone a political party, with.
How about taking a survey of broken sidewalks in the Central District?
I'm not blaming third party voters for staying home. I am just tuning them out when they say we need to unite against Trump. The time to do that was at the polls, by casting a vote. Those people are the ones who were uniting against Trump. They were not selfish. They may or may not have been far-lefties. They were not people making perfect the enemy of the good and putting millions of people's lives and health at risk. They united against Trump in a way that was non completely self-serving. You didn't. So shut the fuck up because now we adults have to fix your mess, and while we focus on doing that we legit don't feel like hearing lectures from failures of people who are only pretending to give a fuck about the marginalized in this nation. Hillary gave everybody great reasons to vote for her. "Not Trump" was one of them. Contribute, walk the talk, do your civic duty, or gtfo and go diaf before attempting to lecture those of us who actually did unite against Trump.
what is truly terrifying about this is the idea of a party of 99%!!! essentially one party? this has been tried before (not new!) in other countries, and the result is the party leadership claims all authority to know and protect the interests of all people, usurping individuals' rights to know and protect their own interests- it claims this as a mandate from the people, and then uses the authority of that "universal mandate" to silence dissent, in whatever way it sees fit- oppression "for the good of the people". NO EFFING WAY LADY. we've all seen this before, and are currently watching it in china. you will never get my support for that, and now I'm suspicious of your whole platform. i used to like parts of it.
"Defeating the right wing will require everyone who agrees on opposing Trump's agenda to stand together against him." meaning everybody has to agree with your viewpoint. Oh Brother! Talk about self righteous intolerance!
Before the election:
"Many progressives will vote for Clinton in spite of their opposition to her politics, simply to prevent Trump from setting foot in the White House. I understand their desire to see him defeated, but even more important is beginning the process—too long delayed—of building an alternative to the pro-capitalist parties monopolizing US politics."

"But while we can and must continue to debate strategy, there is an urgent necessity to stop what is perhaps one of the most dangerously reactionary administrations in US history. And we will need unity among the 99 percent and on the left to do so. "

So when the left could unite under the dems, CM Sawant explicitly argued against it, but now that the dems are weaken and the SA have a chance to benefit from it CM Sawant is saying theres no choice but to unite.

This was a power play from Sawant and SA. Yes Cilton and the dems have a bunch of failures and neoliberalism is a failure, but Trump is worse for this country. Racists see his election as a sign that its open season. If CM Sawant wants to have any credibility she needs to apologize for her part in this.
Before the election:
"That’s why I’m supporting Jill Stein. We need the strongest possible vote for her in order to continue building the power of social movements and to fight back against the right in the form of Trump and Libertarian Gary Johnson, both of whom dishonestly portray themselves as “antiestablishment” candidates."

"Trump has made it clear his administration will try and dismantle the hard-fought gains of the 99 percent, including abortion rights and LGBTQ rights. His administration is also vowing to attack immigrants, the labor movement, and Muslims. We must take him at his word, and such horrifying plans need to be powerfully resisted, instead of minimizing the dangers posed.

Defeating the right wing will require everyone who agrees on opposing Trump's agenda to stand together against him"

CM Sawant and the SA wanted Trump to win so the SA could step in and lead the revolution. CM Sawant owes an apology to every woman who can't get an abortion due to Trump and to every gay and minority who gets hurt by Trump.

If CM Sawant cared about the millions Trump is threatening to deport she could support Clinton or at least not actively campaigned against her.

CM Sawant and the SA care first and foremost about power.
Is this the new political philosophy coming to Seattle already? "Don't use what I said or did then, believe me this time!" Cool, nice to see we're ahead of the trends for once.

Bless your idealism. Truly, we need more of it than ever if we're going to change things. But the minute Trump became the GOP candidate (hell, before then), it should have been clear that this would not be an election about change but about survival. And now, if we're going to be able to fight against the recidivist Powers That Be and corporate factions that delight in Trump's windfall (and that may not necessarily be the GOP at this point), we need to be pragmatic. Strike that, we have NEEDED to be pragmatic instead of breaking off into different, over-zealous sects because one candidate or another isn't making the campaign promises you want in the language you approve of.

You can say the DNC has a lot to answer for because they didn't work to rally the base to the Clinton campaign and you'd be right. A lot can be said about the same liberal hubris that tripped up Dewey running against Truman. Hell, I saw people on Facebook laughing about all these votes were meaningless and "my meaningless vote for Trump cancels out your meaningless vote for Clinton!" Not so meaningless now, right?

Which is the problem: whatever your personal problems with the Clinton campaign or Hillary Clinton either as a person or a political player, if you really truly actually gave a damn about stopping Trump, you had one job. It may have struck you distasteful to the extreme, but you had to vote for the candidate who stood a chance in hell of winning. Honestly, we live in a state with mail in ballots, it's not like it was even that bloody hard to do or hard to find for you!

Instead, you played a very small part in aiding Trump's win by encouraging people to ignore a cold and distasteful political reality and hope that by voting for a long shot, everything would be OK. Sleep tight.
I had respect for Sawant but these days, not so much. She bears her share of responsibility for Trump's win. She did all she could to fuck up the vote against him, and NOW she's crying. She is not even admitting that is exactly what she did when her words exist for all to see. I feel this same way about all third party/non voters. We are all in the struggle now, but you selfish assholes helped put us here. Carry your own shit and don't act like a savior now. You fucked up a simple plea for unity in crisis. You own Trump. You helped him win.
Amen, Arrowsmith.
@17: This.
@19: Rekt.

@49: So...Russian agents steal documents from one side in a transparent ploy to boost the other candidate (who publicly called for them to steal and release more documents and who lied that he wasn't in contact with Russian lawmakers during the campaign), the FBI sits on an empty nothingburger of a scandal for two weeks before making a big show of it with a week and a half to go, the GOP gets slapped with court orders to C&D all voter suppression efforts, and the winner of the electoral college is actually outvoted by a margin of over two million...and that's your idea of the "purest cleanest expression of Democracy"?
I know you're a joke, but usually you're a funny one at least. Riddle me this: in a pure expression of democracy, would the victory go to the (a) winner or (b) loser of the popular vote? (Don't make me add to that list, now...)
Speaking as a person who only votes left wing, the Democrat Party is for losers. Has been since Nixon. Here's hoping it burns to the ground and is replaced by something better.
I love you, Kshama.
Hilary Clinton is a serial psychotic warmonger who most likely would have started a war with Russia as soon as she got in. Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic nut case. What a choice!

I voted for the best candidate who fights for much of what I want. Jill Stein. And I am not a fan of voting in this corrupt, stinking system that lets people die in the streets and prisons. Keep your fascist status quo democrats. You should ashamed of yourselves and your lack of courage.

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