Can you find out about ways to contribute to the mosque? It will take money to repair the sign, and private 24-hour armed guards won't be inexpensive either.
Can't wait for the second round beginning with the synagogues in Seward Park or the gay bars in capital hill. I agree with@2 where can we contribute?
MAPS does take donations from their website -
"Somebody smashed the granite block in a clear act of hate"?

We might wait to find out who the 'somebody' is before we start stating what is "clear".

It is not unknown for folks to fake attacks to garner $upport.

Or for disgruntled employees/members to steal and/or vandalize.

Perhaps the Righteous Social Justice lynch mob could wait for even just a few facts to trickle in before they saddle up and lasso them some racist white trumpsters.

@8 I'm curious, how are you on the commenting job all day every day? Are you retired or a wealthy playboy?
I don't believe that all of these stories are what they're portrayed to be, but it's just as disgusting: whether perpetrated by a Democrat, a Republican, or a squirrel wearing a mask.

Technically, for all that it's worth, Semites are Caucasians, but these guys don't care. Really, most people who identify as "alt-Right" aren't alt-Right. They've been told what the movement is meant to be by the news media: anti-PC.

The Alt-Right Reddit, and I would not know whether different prior to news media attention, has three million followers as I was linked it recently to prove that they're "white" nationalists. The Alt-Right Wikipedia page didn't exist before 2016.

It's as if the only way to validate exploitative & pandering identity politics for those who own the news media interests is to create some sort of opposing identity politics. Simple opposition to identity politics & subjectivity in academia is too morally justified.

I'd assume that they hope the disgust with these stories, as I'm disgusted by them but not moved, will cause some sort of reactionary re-attachment to the new-Left.
@8, I'd like to see some more evidence as well. They don't know if it's genuine hate groups doing this or simply a bunch of obnoxious teenagers or Stranger hipsters out being drunk and stupid.

@13 - Stranger hipsters don't cruise the Eastside. And this mosque is kind of tucked away, so I sincerely doubt it was just a wandering pack of teenagers. This was a deliberate act of hate.

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