Live Updates from #BlackLivesMatter Protest in Downtown Seattle


What gives you the presumption Ana to say shoppers are buying things they don't need? And they certainly don't need annoying protesters getting in the way.
I agree with Our Dear Raindrop. This is just Seattle style political masturbation.
OK, tell me then. What does anyone "need", that they wait to buy on Black Friday, and only at Westlake? In what sense are the shoppers not frantic? Not scurrying? Have you looked at these people? It's embarrassing. Scorn them as you wish.
@3 Why the fuck do you care? Cause you buy shit on a different day of the week your so morally superior?
People go out the day after Thanksgiving not only to shop but to get out of the house. They like to take the kid to the Santa window at the store previously known as Frederick & Nelson. They want to go down to the market and see people throw things. They want to see the light on the Bon turned on. It's all just dumb touristy stuff that the "activists" want to make them feel bad about, but they won't. They'll just be annoyed.
GermanSausage dear, you don't find many door buster sales in downtown Seattle. The "Dicks" you are referring to are mostly at Wal-Mart and Target or out at some mall. And you'll notice that these protesters don't go anywhere near malls or big box stores, because that would mean some real confrontation, probably with the people they say they speak for, not just street theatre.

But of course it won't be a real old-timey downtown Seattle protest until the anarchists arrive.....
Answer my question. What are they buying that they "need"?

How come it's OK for you to make people feel bad who decided to get out of the house and go express their opinions at Westlake, but it's not OK to make Ozzie and Harriet and Junior feel bad for fucking around downtown for basically no reason? Demanding justice is "masturbation"? Playing tourist is, what? Not masturbation? Because it sounds pretty masturbatory.

At least we agree that nobody at Westlake is buying any shit they "need". Just shit they hope will temporarily fill a void. I'm here to tell you that a void like that can only be filled by showing personal integrity, taking part in something greater than yourself. Not by consuming crap and watching the spectacle of a guy who throws fish in the air.
@12 - A shirt, a sweater, a hat. I'm amazed you've been ruminating over this all day.
Nobody battles through massive crowds to shop at fucking *Westlake* on Black Friday because they have ZERO sweaters and will die if they don't go buy a new sweater by 9pm. Certainly not because the massively overpriced Westlake sweater happens to be slightly less overpriced this one day.

Wait. Back up. Define "need". Because that word doesn't mean what you think it means.
@12 Wow, such menacing anger you hold. Hate looking for Hate. You survive on Hate. People doing what They Want To Do is directly worth your Hate. But, They Don't think Like Me! How in the world can you say what thousands of people should do and buy on a bargain day shared by all the stores when most worker have the day off before Christmas? No, they can't do what they want because they are such fools. DON'T THEY SEE THE REAL PICTURE? MINE!

Seek MD help.
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn dear, I have a problem with it because it's the same street theatre every year. It's as predictable as the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, but much more ineffectual and not nearly as entertaining (which is not saying much).

If you want to get to "Ozzie and Harriet and Junior", get off your high horse and head out of downtown (which, believe it or not, is largely comprise of allies) or are you afraid of what's outside your bubble? This election should have proven to even the most hardcore purity test liberal that we need to get out there and maybe even try to listen. This isn't listening and this isn't reaching out. At best, it's just reaching around.
First you say shoppers are buying what they need and shouldn't be hindered in their noble cause, but then you say, no it's because you can't make certain people feel bad, but now it's because the protest isn't original enough for you. I can't keep track the reasons keep changing.

I don't agree that we -- certainly not I -- need to change any approach to ingratiate myself better with fascists, or rubes who consider fascism a tolerable price to pay to benefit from the "business genius" of a phony huckster. Don't fucking blame me for those gullible morons.

In terms of *tactics*, well, the winning tactic would have been to pick a Democrat -- any Democrat -- who isn't decidedly unpopular. Take away that handicap and no "outreach" and "listening" blowjobs to bigots and white supremacists necessary. Pick any not-unpopular Democrat who can *also* wear the mantle of "change" and you got yourself a landslide.

Why is all that *basic shit* hard? It's not. It's a hell of a lot easier than trying talk sense to people who believe fake news and think Cheeto Jesus is a smart businessman who knows how to get things done.

Its the ones who thought Hillary Clinton was literally the only choice who live in a fucked up bubble. Go yell at them.
The organizers, Black Freedom Front, were very miffed about having the protest march overtaken by another group called the Seattle Black Book Club. As a result, BFF made some rather misogynist comments on their FB event page about the SBBC. People tried to call them out on it, but the BFF kept deflecting, calling everyone bullies and trolls, and all the comments were eventually deleted.

I appreciate BFF's efforts to organize these protests, but they really showed a lack of tact and maturity by disparaging the very people who had shown up to their rally and who simply wanted them to take ownership for their offensive comments. I saved one screenshot of the misogynist remark in question that was provided by another FB poster:….

Anyway, I feel like everyone should know, because it makes me very conflicted about participating in these protests knowing the organizers
@17, do you have any health care? Use it.
(continued from #18) ... it makes me very conflicted about participating in these protests knowing the organizers can be such intractable jerks and think the BLM movement is all about themselves.
@16- "This election should have proven to even the most hardcore purity test liberal that we need to get out there and maybe even try to listen,"

Yes, you should get out there and listen instead of poo-pooing people who give a fuck. The guy who won is a huge asshole and that seems to work, so I fail to see how being polite and moderate was shown to be a winning strategy.

Yoi are complaining about a protest happening when it is seen and heard. You might as well just say All Lives Matter and go back to poliahing yoir nails.
@20, Welcome to the left, hundreds of one trick ponies. I've been in protests in the 60's. Secret meeting in homes worried about J.Edgar Hoover listening in. The marches and protests had minimal effect, less ending a war that the general public and the news was honestly already done with. What you got is becoming yesterday's news, because you pissing people off. Move over and let people get on with their lives on a workday off with their families.

If you don't understand then try this. If you piss people off when their having their parade, it's like the police pissing you off in yours.
In North Dakota protesters get shot.

Where are those thousand folks when black businesses organise alternatives to Black Friday corporate deals? *crickets* Oh, right, no camera crews.
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn dear, are you mad at me or Raindrop? It's hard to tell from that angerpost.

And dwightmoody dear, you seem to have no problem with boring old predicable Seattle "protests" that seem to exist only to make a small group of people feel smug and self-satisfied. Maybe you are the one who should go back to filing her nails?

Do something that will be remembered Monday morning, and I'll be impressed.
I took the tunnels on the LINK and didn't see them at the tukwilla Westfield Southcenter mall...had a fun time shopping and no problems!
@10, the protesters should go to Bellevue Square or Everett and raise the consciousness of the people who live in the suburban bubble.

@17, It's the DNC who put all their eggs into a flawed Hillary Clinton basket that need to be yelled at, not the voters, who may have voted for her as a defensive measure to stop Trump.

@18 Provocateurs?

@22, I think they should be using their time and energy to plug into the democratic or republican party and create the change that they want to see.
@17- there you are again, banging on about cocks. I NEEDED a new raincoat and popped into Columbia to get one. Then went to the market, got some potstickers, spices from Market Spice and other things I NEEDED to make dinner. I walked back up to Westlake and enjoyed my potstickers while watching the whine-fest. Altogether a pleasant afternoon stroll. Did you manage to make it out of your parents' basement today?
**BREAKING** Pointless Black Lives Matter protests in downtown Seattle on the Friday after Thanksgiving accomplishes absolutely nothing of substance.

Here's an idea: If BLM protesters want to really do something for black lives, why don't they go to places like Lewis County and set up tables in malls to answer questions in a non-confrontational way? There are people out there who could probably be swayed to their side, but are afraid of getting screamed at for asking the wrong question, or using the wrong words.

And leave the word "privilege" of out the discussion: While white privilege certainly exists, there's a lot of white people who sure don't feel privileged, and starting off the conversation that way is like how Trump talks about black people. Bringing people around to the point where they understand that they are comparatively privileged will do much more than self-importantly marching around downtown yelling about it. Racism is, among other things, a tool that the economic elite use to keep the lower classes mad at each other instead of mad at them. These protests play right into the hands of the powerful.

Catalina has right idea.

Heidi, Ana, let me offer this:

You favor core idea that "...Black Lives are more important than Black Friday deals."

Why do you pose issue that way? To me it seems that there is no inherent contradiction. Why do you assume that shoppers -- call it total frivolous pleasure shopping -- are anti- BLM?

Let's make it personal: in last 2 years have you done anything fun? I would bet yes. If so then who are you to moralize? You have not spent every moment shedding your white skin privilege. So why not let others engage in silliness of shopping? Simply none of your (or BLM "activists") right to try to be so superior.
@32- no one at the stranger knows how to have fun, they're just a bucket of old grumble and grunts.
so a list of tweets is reporting now? junk article.
I wonder how many Pro BLM peeps went shopping yesterday? I betcha a whole lotta. More so than those who showed up to "Protest" with BLM.

I guess if you're BLM, you can't do what you want, when you want. You can't spend what you want when you want. You have to protest, protest, protest. What BLM'rs buy is IMPORTANT. But not what everyone else buys.

I guess that's why BLM peeps hate on those who spend their hard earned dollars where they want, when they want.

To me it seems that if you want to be seen as equals. Then treat others the way you want to be treated.

If you act like a Dick, then that's how people see you. You'll never be taken seriously otherwise. Most of the people out their don't care about you or your issues. They have their own to worry about.

Like getting/keeping their job. Paying that rent/mortgage. Raising kids and hoping they get to and back home from school safely, etc.

Just a casual observation. But it seems that BLM was only out there at that time. On that day, because the cameras would be there for the Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Why not do it on Monday, Tuesday, etc? If your message is valid and matters to all people. Then it shouldn't matter what day you do/say it. But you picked a day to "Protest" when 99.999% of the people (downtown) were not there to listen to what you had to say.

You had a Photo-Op nothing more.

Ah yes, another "protest" by the racist attention whores Black Lies Matter. If black lives REALLY mattered they would try to stop black on black violence (gangs, etc) in their own community. NAAAAAH!!!! TOO HARD!! :(. Much easier playing victims and blaming every problem on the "racist police" and white people. But of course, advocating for peace while simultaneously physically assaulting white people during riots just because they are white, posting such hashtags on social media as killwhitepeople and openseasononwhitey, vandalising local businesses, and killing police officers in Design Moines and Dallas. What a "tolerant", "anti-racist", "nonviolent" bunch they are. Maybe those racist bigots need some shopping therapy, to release some made up anger at a non-existent issue.
Fucking hilarious. Creating more Trump voters with every one of these "protests." The lack of awareness of the bigger picture is remarkable. It's stomping on the end of the rake without realizing the handle will swing up with twice the force and ream you in the nuts.
Update on more black lives mattering:…

Anyone see Allrick at the protest today?
Idiot Sawant dear, let's not get carried away. The BLM protests in downtown Seattle are not creating more Trump voters (This is Seattle, after all, where people have a modicum of intelligence, and understand the world around them). They're not doing anything, other than just being pests. See my comment @2
@25. So you are just shitting on activists this weekend. Will that be remembered? Seriously, look at yourself.
Ok for all the PC police saying people are wrong for going black Friday shopping, news flash people have been doing it for years. Just because people are not bowing to your demands does not mean they are bad. So in short fuck your feelings and Merry Christmas 😀
Here is another thought, if black lives matter is such a noble cause why not get every BLM group from around the country and go stop the black on black murders in Chicago IL. I know no attention.
dwightmoodyforgetsthings dear, I'm not "shitting" on anyone. (You really must try not to be so vulgar when attempting to express yourself). I'm calling out self-aggrandizement disguised as activism. There's a difference.
As someone who follows the hiphop and rap community, a far larger and more real expression of black zeitgeist than BLM, I find it interesting that names like Versace, Burberry, Gucci, Polo and Ralph Lauren are so coveted and venerated, and that the voices that condemn such things so loudly seem oblivious to the meaning and appeal they have to so many in the community they claim to represent, and who, as far as I can tell, consider BLM extraneous and irrelevant to the world they inhabit.
Fuck the juvenile BLM Westlake protests.

Many are still waiting for an adult BLM presence over the death of Matthew Ajibade, here in Savannah.

He was handcuffed to a chair, contusions and scrapes to his upper body and head, wearing a spit mask, tased in the groin - on camera - and died in police custody due to "blunt force trauma." Coroner ruled his death a homicide.

While nine deputies have been fired, former deputies Maxine Evans and Jason Kenny were charged with "involuntary manslaughter."

In October of last year, after a 3 month trial, they were cleared of these charges. Convicted instead of "cruelty to an inmate." (For the tasing of his genitals.) One-month jail sentence for Kenny, with three years probation, and six years probation for Evans. (Evans was also found guilty of perjury and public records fraud.)

Where's BLM?

@36 police killing in Des-ign Moines was done by crazy white guy. And lots of people are working for non-violence causes in low-income communities. That doesn't preclude people from all communities calling for better policies that address police misconduct. The two aren't mutually exclusive.
Looks like the day was a resounding success all the way around. A grand time was had by all! It wasn't raining (mostly), people spoke, BLM organizers felt appreciated, and shoppers found some great deals, stocking stuffers, enjoyed lunch with friends and loved ones, and indulged in a 1st amendment festival toasting BLM togetherness with their Frappuccinos.