The Morning News: Seattle Mexican Consul to Help WA Latinxs Prepare for Trump, Eight Wounded in Knifing Attack at Ohio State University


If you have mixed feelings about Castro's death, than you know nothing of the man or his history.

Ask the people who actually experienced his regime. They are celebrating in the streets right now, with no ambiguity to be seen.
Crazy nonsequitur:
"...Because Black lives are much more important than buying fast fashion."
@2: Yes, the well connected enjoyed life fairly well under Castro - provided they had his blessing and didn't deviate an inch into free expression.
Using the word "Latin" or its contrived variants is problematic when you're referring to a group of people which includes many whose first language was not Latinate (Mayan derivatives live on; just ask the Zapatistas).

When talking about the descendants of the original inhabitants of Central and South America, the more accurate term would be "Native Americans," but it seems that's taken already.
@2: I know the craziest of the lefties have to go to bat for Castro because the was technically on the "left" side of the political spectrum, and was non-white, but you know all of those things you fear Trump will do when he takes office?

Castro did those things.

Feelings are only mixed among those who like tyrannical and murderous dictators, whose opinions should not be held in high regard.
@1 as if peace and freedom or economic prosperity can blossom when continually at war. Enough propaganda.
Why only care about white college students?

8 POC murdered this weekend.…
@8 - In addition Charles Mudede is banging away on a drippy homage to Fidel Castro. I can't wait for its contorted historical extrapolations as it weaves into current day social injustices with the poignancy of charming Havana with its '57 chevys with warnings of it being overrun by ugly American tourists snatching up quaint but dilapidated homes and turning them into pricey B&B's, chic boutiques, and restaurants. I suggest his piece be accompanied by a picture of Desi Arnaz singing Babalú to get more "continue reading" clicks below its fold.
@7: Oh okay. It's not Castro's fault that he imprisoned, oppressed, and murdered thousands and thousands of his people while quashing dissent and trying to force the national economy to conform to his own unrealistic ideology. It's EVERYONE ELSE'S FAULT for opposing his regime! Next you'll tell me that it's America's fault that the Soviet Union was such a shithole.

And just a reminder for all of you following along at home: anon1256 has no problem with lying, misrepresenting studies, and making shit up off the top of his head, so long as it's for The Greater Good (i.e., in support of his ideology).
@11 Whether it suits you or not, it's just fact that Castro's dictatorship cannot be understood outside of its geopolitical context. You should learn a little history and consider what happened to liberal democracies at war (Japanese internment camp during ww2 is a good example).

You should also calm down. Shouting and getting hysterical won't get you anywhere.

@11 Needless to say but It's also pretty ironic to see a pro-deregulation, pro NAFTA outsourcing, pro-fracking, pro-nuclear, pro-money in politics, pro business as usual Clinton supporter tell us what the left should or shouldn't think.
@11, Castro also enjoyed murdering gays as well. But Justin Pretty Boy up in Canada still gave him a gushing tweet.
I'm beginning to wonder.... do they still teach history in high schools?
@15 let us know after you graduate.
@15, no they don't and the left in this country decided to shove it's head up it's own ass a few years ago
Here's that nauseating tweet Cato referred to:
It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President. Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century.

- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
President? Not Dictator?
@18, so for now on when there is a shooting anyplace I'm guessing that The Stranger won't mention it unless they can confirm it's not a Muslim? I'm looking at the silence on the shooting at Ohio Sate who's name was released as Abdul Razak Ali Artan...sure he's an American born Baptist or something.
@19, The suspect used a car and a knife in his attack and he didn't kill anyone. It's weird that you know all four of his names but none of the most basic facts about the incident.
@8, stop lying.
@12: Just because war erodes the moral foundations of liberal democracies doesn't mean that Castro's Cuba was ever going to be a liberal democracy, war or no war. Stop trying to shift blame for his regime's atrocities, you credulous apparatchik. (Hey, Iraq under Saddam Hussein was also constantly at war. Does that mean that his crimes were the fault of Iran and the West?)

@13: "pro-deregulation, pro NAFTA outsourcing, pro-fracking, pro-nuclear, pro-money in politics, pro business as usual Clinton supporter"
You accused me of being seven things, and you were accurate about two of them. (I am unabashedly pro nuclear power and a Clinton supporter.) Thanks for proving my point about how you lie and fabricate to try and advance your arguments.