Oh, we didn't use grenades. We used small explosive canisters full of rubber pellets that explode sending debris in all directions "stinging" protesters with rubber shrapnel who are within it's blast radius.
They break the law and what do they do? Spend taxpayers money to to fill the lawyers pockets. Free Money for Lawyers!
Guv done had enough. Shit will get real tonight. Again.
Cut off emergency services? That's the act of a motherfucker.

Think they'd let an ambulance in if a cop gets hurt?
Hmmm The Bundy's get dildos Native Americans rubber bullets. It is totally the same.
Free speech zones just mean they can "of course" protest, they just have to do it where they won't be seen, and their actions will cease to have any weight.
The US borders define the Free Speech Zone.

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