It's not enough that Jeff Bezos is working these poor saps until they jump off a building, but now they have to be the subject of some of the most cringeworthy terrible music I've heard in years.
Thing is, they'll be dancing to this song and video.

Did you just rhyme "rhythm" with "algorithm"? Get out of Seattle.
"The Gods Themselves" recorded this song and shot this video using software that was created by "tech boys." Do they have accounts? Have they played a Microsoft Xbox? Do they like their Apple iPhones?

Not to mention that their concert attendance surely goes up because the audience they loathe enthusiastically embraces "local" music.

Anti-tech is nothing but anti-intellectualism. And now with drowsy, shitty, and twee "pop." Nice.
Stuff I have heard attributed to tech employees:
They are changing the local culture.
They speak differently.
They hurt the economy.
They're responsible for an increase in homophobic attacks on capital hill.

It's the same thing Trump supporters say about Mexicans. Hating on tech employees xenophobia. Nothing more, nothing less.
A song written by an Amazon employee bemoaning tech bros in Seattle. And yet it's the hipsters from Seattle's own "music community" who are getting slapped with the rape charges around here. Time to grow up, Seattle. What you're defending sucks. Sigh.
I happen to really like this music video. One of the best of all time.
I have no idea why everyone decided to drink a gallon of organic, fresh-squeezed Haterade. I am SO proud of you, Dusty. You've grown into such a handsome young man!
"With your paycheck".. 96% of us have paychecks dude. The "tech bro" bashing has become more obnoxious than the bros in question ever were.

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