And still, attacks on Jews far outweigh attacks on Moslems.

I know you don't like facts, Abs, but there they are.
I mean Ana, of course.
@1 I see, so that makes everything alright in your mind. Curious sense of right and wrong you've got there.
Under what paranoid asinine hole did you crawl?
Simply stating facts.
Don't like em? Tough and duck you.
Terrible. I hope the bastard is caught. One comment though. Just a food for thought thing, you know? Consider this quote;

β€œHijab is such a big thing in America,” she said. β€œWhen it starts getting dark, I won't go to dark areas of campus. I won't go by myself. I try to get rides instead of taking the bus because it's safer.”

Hundreds of millions of women around the world don't have to worry much about their safety if they wear a hijab (or burka or niqab...) but they do have to worry about their safety if they DON'T wear one.
@7 Violence committed for religious reasons, regardless of who is doing it and why, is even dumber than all the other dumb reasons for committing violence. No religion is any better than any other in this regard. If God made you hurt someone or ostracize someone or dehumanize someone or take away their basic rights then that's not God. That's the devil. Own it. That's who you're worshiping.
@1 had a point because he said "I know you don't like facts".

So clearly @1's point was that he is a raciat piece of shit.
@6 The attack happened more than two weeks ago. The photo shown of Nasro Hassan's injury was taken about a week after the attack. She still has a black eye. Her family requested that the photos immediately after the attack not be released to the press.
@8 and the attacks on blacks by other blacks is horrifying higher still
**Stranger style guide update**

Every post or article about a specific, alleged hate crime must include statistics on every category of hate crime, as well as all inter- and intra- ethnic/minority group crimes, regardless of whether it was motivated by bigotry.

Yeah, right up there with the attacks on whites by other whites...
@13 and @18 renewing their membership in the racist piece of shit club.
@15 you DO know what 'per capita' means right?
@22: He doesn't. He's an idiot.
#15: And let's not even get started about mime on mime crime.

(in fact...we should probably encourage that.)
Until the mime community is willing to speak up on that issue...oh right...
#1-it's "Muslims", not "Moslems". This isn't the House of Lords in 1895. I suppose we should be grateful you didn't call them "Mohammedans" or "sandn____s".

And everybody here is just as outraged about attacks against Jews as we are about those against Muslims-as you know perfectly well.
@8- The point @1 made is very valid. There are way more hate crimes against Jews than Muslims. Even in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 Jews were still targeted more.
You mentioned blacks are targeted more than Jews. Your point would be relevant except that 1) there 7x more blacks than Jews. And even more importantly 2) Anti-black bigotry and violence causes a huge uproar on the left and in the media. Anti-Jewish bigotry and violence most certainly does not. The left allows anti-Jewish racists openly as long as they are doing so under the Palestinian cause, Muslim or black nationalists. This is a fact. The left concern trolls Jews when there is an instance of anti-Semitism from the right while ignoring or even being apologists for worse hatred or even violence when it's coming from the 3 groups I mentioned above. And don't even think about using the election of Trump as an excuse for the left being flippant about anti-Semitism. This has been the case for the last 50 years, including the last 8 when Obama was in office.
@28 bullfuckingshit. the left will either ignore or being apologists for serious anti-Jewish bigotry or even violence when it comes from the left, Muslims and black nationalists but then let a far more minor anti-Jewish slight come from someone on the right and then the left jumps into action with their concern trolling. The left is in serious denial for the very different ways they frame hostility and violence towards Jews vs. how they do with Muslims and blacks. The Stranger's reporting on the Kosher Market attack in Paris vs. the Charleston massacre is one example. They screamed bloody murder that Charleston was a white supremist racist killing black Christians. The race/religion of the perps and victim were very obviously downplayed when it came to the Kosher Market attack. It's fascinating how when incidents like that happen the same people who make everything a racial issue suddenly have no interest in pointing out the racial makeup of people involved.
@Tara P. I suspect the holocaust survivors that I grew up around would be disturbed by your reading of what is going on.
Another one of FAKE assaults against people by "Trump supporters". No witnesses or anything. There were so many of these fake ones all over the country, the leftists lost their credibility. I wonder why The Stranger does not cover ACTUAL assaults by the rabid leftists on men, women and children who supporte Trump. Lol. Wonder why that is not here.
Opposite problem elsewhere in the world...…

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