Zen Mothers Monika Khot and Adam Smith: not just knee deep...
Zen Mother's Monika Khot and Adam Smith: not just knee deep... Emily Eddy

One of Seattle's most interesting groups, experimental-rock unit Zen Mother—featuring the core duo Monika Khot and Adam Wolcott Smith—played live on KEXP's Audioasis program with Sharlese Metcalf on October 26; you can now view the set below. Zen Mother brought the eerie Halloween vibes, but without an iota of corniness, which is what separates the truly great rock bands from the merely adequate.

With the addition of cellist Will Smith (Newaxeyes' live-sound guy/producer) and drummer Raymond McCoy IV, Zen Mother have broadened and deepened their sound into some rarefied species of foreboding electronic-gothic rock—more Liars or Igor Wakhévitch than Sisters of Mercy. The songs they played—"Tsunami Song" "Sleep Now" "Mantra"—bode well for their debut album, titled I Was Made to Be Like Her, due next spring on on Illuminasty Records.

By the way, Khot and Smith both appear in the band Invisible Hand—in which Smith writes all of the songs. (Not to be confused with Alan Bishop's the Invisible Hands.) They're finishing up an album that's slated for spring 2017, as well. And keep 'em peeled for Khot's phenomenal solo project Nordra, which will drop an LP Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner's SIGE label next spring.