Celebration and Tears at Standing Rock as Obama Administration Halts Plans to Drill Under the Missouri River


Read the negative comments from the Stranger's Sept. 16 2016 article on this pipeline. The right-wing commenters were so certain—so gleefully certain—that this pipeline was going to get built and that any protest was futile. They just couldn't wait for all those liberals and Indian to get their comeuppance.


All I can say to those commenters is: Ah ha. Ah ha ha. AH HA HA HA!
The sad thing is, its only a temporary respite. Come January 20, we can kiss the Earth goodbye
That, my friends, defines winning graciously.
One last success for Obama before he leaves. republicans are really pissed.
Perhaps Lakota sovereignty as promised by treaty and earned by thousands of years of occupancy can be recognized, then scientists, innovators and the educated (Amerikkkan refugees) would have somewhere to go and might help in returning prosperity, peace and sanity to a nation that was once GREAT. Well I can dream…
Clovis tools go back about 13,000 years the first north American settlers probably arrived a few thousand years before that.

Some American documents defining land and sovereignty are upheld by oath (the constitution), other American documents defining land and sovereignty aren't worth the hemp paper they were written on, (The Laramie treaty).
"Spirit water?"
Biofuels are often alcohol-based, some refer to alcohol as "spirits" (or occasionally as spirit water"
Couldn't possibly work? IDK try asking stock cars crews, drag racers or Brazil.
Before, the right-wing commenters were crowing that protests could never stop the pipeline. Now that protests have stopped the pipeline, they're furious!

The commenters are pretending not to care about the Corps' decision. "It'll still get built somewhere else," they reassure themselves. "Protests and Indian rights still can't stop progress."

These commenters are wrong. By committing itself to developing an EIS, the Corps has added a minimum of two years' delay to this project and tens of millions of dollars in costs. If, after all that, the EIS is deficient in any way—and you just know it's gonna be deficient—there will be another multi-year, multi-million-dollar round of litigation over the validity of the EIS.

The protestors have gummed up the pipeline for years to come. Does the pipeline company have the resources to tie up billions in capital unproductively for such a long time? Will the future price of oil be high enough to justify the burgeoning costs and delays? No one knows. The Corps' decision imposes severe financial stress on the pipeline, stress which has the potential to kill the whole project.

The commenters are now hoping President Trump will swoop in to save the day for the pipeline come January. That won't happen. The chief of the Corps of Engineers is not a political appointee.
#7 Considering Dear Leader purposefully remained silent until after the presidential election, demonstrates he had no passion for the cause. People in the camps knew this as well, they were openly questioning where he was on the issue.

Neither he or clinton spoke with purpose on the subject.

You call it a success for him...the reality was, he backed into a decision without playing his hand openly. "Success" at a very low bar.

Pathetic and left a bad taste in the mouth of the people who were counting on him most.