Caffé Dartes steamed nitro cold brew. Thats right, they made cold brew hot, and it could also be yours for a whopping $0 today.
Caffé D'arte's steamed nitro cold brew. That's right, they made cold brew hot, and it could also be yours for a whopping $0 today. Caffé D'Arte

Free Coffee at Caffé D’Arte's Grand Opening

Sail into the new year in style On the HIYU. We'll bring the bubbly. Get your NYE tickets here!

The popular national purveyor of Italian-style coffees recently opened its latest retail location, down on 1st and Yesler. It’s been softly open for a bit now, but they’re having their big grand opening bash today, which means free drinks for ye working masses of Pioneer Square. I stopped by their media preview the other night and learned something pretty cool about their coffee: they have one of the few wood-fired coffee roasters still in operation, and it ain't just for show. I had a glass of the alderwood-smoked nitro cold brew and it was lovely. The big celebration runs 10 a.m.-3 p.m., former Seahawk Jim Zorn will be there from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., and if you drop your business card in a bowl, you stand a chance to win a snazzy new high-end espresso machine.

Ba Bar Joins the SLU Bonanza

Eric Banh’s always busy Ba Bar, which benefits from its proximity to hordes of hungry Seattle University students, just opened its second location, this time amidst the hungry hordes of South Lake Union.

And lucky hordes they are: The SLU location will have bánh cuốn seven days a week, unlike the original location, which only serves them on weekends. Bánh cuốn is a rice noodle roll stuffed with pork and topped with slices of chả lụa, which is a compressed pork sausage. Aside from the frog legs, it’s one of the only things I really miss from my time at Ba Bar. SLU hours are 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Mon-Fri and 10am-11pm on weekends.

Pressed Juicery "Pours Into Seattle"

The SoCal health liquids chain will open its 49th location at Westlake Center, and boasts of "healthy, delicious products" at a "competitive price point," which is apparently $6.50 for a juice. When I pay $6.50 for a beverage, I expect it to have a not insignificant amount of alcohol in it, but I guess that's why I'm not glowing all the way to yoga class at 6 a.m., isn't it?

If you'd like to wake up screaming namaste every day, Pressed has you pretty well covered, with a variety of "nutrient-rich products." There's "revolutionary, cult-favorite" Freeze, which is a vegan, everything-free soft serve. Then there's "hot drink concept" Heat, which is a menu of things like beetroot/reishi/matcha/Ent blood lattes and "hot immunity tonics." Though I'm clearly not the target audience, Seattle is apparently very ready for this.

“Seattle was recently ranked as one of the top ten fittest cities in the country by the American Fitness Index, making it a natural fit for us," says co-founder Hayden Slater, via press release. "The city boasts an incredibly active and health-conscious community, and we’re so excited to bring our cold-pressed juices, Freeze and Heat products to the Pacific Northwest.”

Their grand opening is Thursday, December 8 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., and they're giving out free juice. Regular hours will be 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Mon-Sat and 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on Sun.

Sugar Hill Now Open on the Hill

The former Capitol Club space that briefly housed Bauhaus has a new tenant. Thai “chicken and rice” restaurant Sugar Hill is now open, reports CHS Blog. According to the CHS crow, it’s from the folks behind Ayutthaya, and it’ll be something like the Ba Bar of Thai food: “a bar-focused eatery featuring Thai street-style food.”

Get Your Tinned Ants While You Still Can

The Marx Foods storefront in Lower Queene Anne is closing its doors, the specialty food wholesaler announced via their website. Marx was beloved amongst esoteric food lovers for its broad selection of hard-to-find foodstuffs. Think, really dope imported vinegar and edible scorpions. However, they’ll be open until the end of December, giving you plenty of time to stock up on gifts for the food nerd in your life, and their successful online business ain’t goin’ anywhere. They’ll also continue to offer onsite pickup for online orders, meaning that us locals can still save on shipping. Everything in the store is 15 percent off on December 16 and 17, so you can save even more on your scorpions.

Howard Schultz Steps Down

The emperor of Starbucks is abdicating, he recently announced. He’ll still be involved, of course, but only with the empire’s elite corps, Starbucks Reserve.

Westland's Gravy Train Pulls In

Westland Distillery, Seattle’s homegrown whiskey success story, just sold to the Rémy Cointreau Group, marking the second Seattle booze manufacturer to cash in. Two Beers was recently acquired by French cider powerhouse Agrial.

“Rooted in one of the world’s best possible climates for barley, Westland crafts a truly authentic single malt whiskey with a sense of place,” the presser notes, touting the distillery’s local roots. Here’s hoping Rémy has the good sense to let them continue to do so.

Cook Weaver Will Brave the Loveless Building’s Dead Space

Filling the vacancy left by Restaurant Marron, this new project from chef/bartender duo Zac Reynolds and Nile Klein will serve up “inauthentic Eurasian food” like turkey schnitzel with butter stewed onions, apple and radish salad, and thyme. Their goal is, per their website, to “be special, yet approachable. Bold, while maintaining balance. Tantalize your taste buds. But most importantly, be the friendly place you call your own, and be delighted to bring those you love.”

Though I’m not sure of the grammaticality of that last bit, their cocktail names are taken from Pushkin, a recent Facebook post suggests. So bonus points for that. They’ve clearly got their hearts in the right place, although so have the notoriously difficult space’s last few tenants. They’re open daily from 5 p.m, with a happy hour from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.

Pho Cyclo, Minus the Cyclo

Pho Cyclo, Broadway’s mainstay pho joint, is now…a pho joint. It’s just called The Pho, and you can still go there to get the pho. Ownership change, reports CHS Blog.

Bye, Bellini

The Belltown Italian spot is no more, according to Eater. And the owner, Steve Schlackman, claims Eater is to blame, telling them that they were “a contributor to misinformation and lack of follow-up.” Apparently writing a preview piece that lavishly praises one’s interior design is the new hit piece? This fucking town…