Repeal Day!


The politics of prohibition were a lot different than the politics than enabled Donald Trump to be elected. To begin with, lots of women favored prohibition (because there were a lot of very drunk, abusive men). There was a lot of us versus them, but it was Catholic versus Protestant (damn drinking Catholics!). This time the Catholic vote went for Trump. The white Catholic vote overwhelmingly. Nothing like the white Evangelicals, who supported Trump by huge numbers, but still, very solid numbers for Trump. Thus nothing like prohibition, unless you want to lump white Christians together -- in which case, yeah, sure, quite similar.

Just like race, their is a divide, but the divide has moved. Back in the day various white ethnic groups (Irish, Italian, German) were considered outsiders, and shunned. But that has gone away, and it is just white or some other ethnicity. The same is largely true of religion, as white Christians (of all stripes) tend to vote together, and those of different religious/cultural backgrounds tend to vote differently. Not a lot of 50-50 here.
And the morons who type poorly-researched paragraphs on Slog don't even know basic US history.

Hey fucktard "Chicago Fan". Giving women the right to vote led directly to Prohibition.

How's that fact hit you?

Hell, I'll bet ole' Don would prefer they not wear shoes, remain continuously knocked-up, and never leave the kitchen...
@2 Wow. What interesting projection you have going on.

No. I prefer that an article which purports to tell a story about a basic anecdote from US History, actually gets the actual facts straight.

But mouth-breathers like yourself who can barely read a declarative statement without moving their lips and tracing each letter with your finger can't understand that. But that's what one expects from uneducated Progs today.
Great article, Bill. That map is fascinating.
@2&5: So you have read neither the article nor the book linked to in the post.
You might want to.