You get an interception! You get an interception! You ..
You get an interception! You get an interception! You .. By Larry Maurer [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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The Seahawks went to Green Bay without Earl Thomas and came home big old losers. 38-10! That’s a huge loss. That’s not Seahawky at all! It was the first time the team had lost by over 10 points since 2011, and they sucked real hard doing it.

Earl Thomas’ absence was not itself responsible for any of the big plays the Packers got on the Seahawks. But with Thomas out, the margin of error is gone. On the first big play of the game, Aaron Rodgers hit Devonte Adams for a huge touchdown when he was matched up one on one with Jeremy Lane. This would have been a huge play with Thomas in the lineup, but a touchdown? I’m not so sure. How many times has Thomas knocked a player out of bounds deep in the red zone to give the Seahawks a chance to put together a goal line stop? A billion? Probably not a billion, but many, many times. No Thomas means no margin for error.

And really, despite allowing 38 points the defense wasn’t completely torched by the Packers. The Seahawks had more yards, a longer time of possession and more first downs than Green Bay. But in terms of limiting explosive plays and creating turnovers? The Seahawks couldn’t make it happen.

The biggest disappointment was the pass rush. Where the hell were our pass rushers? Not hitting Aaron Rodgers, that’s for sure. And yeah, it’s hard to hit Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau because of his hard counts. But come on, Michael Bennett. Come on, Cliff Avril. Come on, Frank Clark. Come on all you guys.

As for the offense, cheesy petes was this an un-Seahawky game. Let’s put aside Thomas Rawls, who looked pretty damn good. Russell Wilson and the receivers? They looked bad. Six turnovers! Six! The Seahawks made every type of mistake you could imagine on offense. Blown protection, drops, fumbles and overthrows. They were all on display. Everyone except for mayyyybe Justin Britt, Marcel Reece, and Rawls did something truly atrocious.

The Doug Baldwin face pick in particular… that might be the least Seahawky play this Seahawks unit has made. The ball bounced off his face! Doug Baldwin’s face! It was awful. That’s not to absolve Wilson who was responsible for somewhere between 1.4 and 3.2 of his 5 interceptions depending on how generous you’re feeling. He was awful. but so was everyone else.

What’s scary is that this was a throwback Seahawks loss. Not to the bad old days of the 90’s when the team was bad, but to the goodish old days of Mike Holmgren and Matt Hasselbeck. Sometimes those teams would just lay an egg on the road, and the defense wasn’t good enough to keep it close. That had literally never happened since Wilson took over the reins, but the team also hadn’t had to stare down the absence of Earl Thomas before. So this bodes ill. Very, very ill.

That said!

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Everyone good looked bad this week. Drew Brees got owned by the Bucs, Dak Prescott got owned by the Giants, the Raiders got beat by the Chiefs. Matt Stafford led his Lions to a narrow win over the Bears and got hurt in the process. No quarterbacks of note (aside from Rodgers, who left the game against the Seahawks with an injury) covered themselves in glory.

And every good team usually loses by a lot once a year! The fact that the Seahawks hadn’t done so for so long is truly remarkable, but the fact that they now have gotten beaten down once doesn’t mean they are doomed to mediocrity forever. And all they have to do is beat their hapless division opponents to go into the playoffs with a bye and all the momentum in the world.

So while the Seahawks sure sucked hard for the first time in a while, that doesn’t mean they are sucks who suck. They just happened to suck once.