In Loss Against Green Bay, Seahawks Genuinely Suck For First Time In Years


Maybe they are over-worked and under-paid, like most of Seattle's working class - just sayin its hard to keep your mind on your job when you worry about having to make the rent, put food in the kitchen AND meet all the obligations of the holidays. Poor guys! Maybe Dan Savage can pen an open-letter pep talk to them?
Sorry, Seahawks. You're my second favorite team.
That game was laughable. Literally. When that ball hit trusty Doug Baldwin in the head, I had to laugh. It was just so stupid. And fluky. So fluky that analyzing the game is silly.

The Seahawks are going to win out against the crappy NFC West and finish 11-4-1. Meanwhile, the Cowboys, Giants, Packers, Lions, Redskins and Buccaneers are going to spend the next three weeks beating up on each other, fighting for playoff positions. The Hawks will get the #2 seed, a first round bye, and a home playoff game against a beaten down opponent. I guarantee it.
@Doug. you give me hope. can we break the Rams curse?
@5: The curse is overblown. Except for last year's loss (when the Hawks turned the ball over three times), we've owned the Rams in Seattle for the past decade.
@Doug., omg they fired Jeff Fisher!!! they fired him!