County Council Appoints Rebecca Saldaña to State Senate


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Are you joking? With Jayapal leaving, there is not a single woman of color in the Senate. It seems white men have benefited handsomely from "identity politics."

Are you really upset that an extremely well qualified woman of color was appointed to represent the most diverse district in the state?
And this, in brief, is why Donald Trump is President-Elect.
What color is she?
@5 and @2 But what color is she?
Can someone tell me what color she is because I'm really confused. Or does she simply identify as a POC?
Saldana's life and professional experience will be great for the Legislature.

@4, 7 and 8, go be a troll on the Times comment section; you'll feel right at home there.
I'm rather disappointed someone from SAGE (regularly counterproductive on housing and development policy) was appointed and will $upport any challengers in the next election.

Though, undoubtedly, for the last several years the WA State Senate has been the single worst place to be for anyone looking to effect any real change.
These articles say so much about Saldana as a woman and a minority, but not what she stands for. What are her policy beliefs? What makes her stand out so far from O'Sullivan that the county council overruled the will of a small group of constituents (and, there should be something more than her magical va-jay-jay or her history as a non-white)?
@6 And here I thought it was economic anxiety. *eyeroll*

People and their just so stories, arg.
Look, if she identifies as WOC then who is to argue?
We accept that person-with-penis can be ("identify as") a woman.
So why not white woman is colored?
It's a fact free world these days -- ask Trump.
@9 Are you raping me?
@10 so you can't tell me what color she is I suppose.
@15 My Danish boyfriend is more colored after a week in Spain. Just saying.
The real story is what this says about where the actual power resides in local Democratic politics. On one side were a certain set of unions and non-profits which write big checks to the Dems, flexing their political muscle to get the candidate with whom they are all personal friends appointed to the Legislature. On the other side were the grass roots Democratic Legislative District PCOs and activists on the ground, who participated in a many-months long democratic process to choose a winner. Regardless of the merits of the choice, we saw again today where the real power lies. The "grass roots" in the Democratic Party are window dressing, and those who think their local level involvement gives them some actual power are being duped.