The Morning News: Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess to "Move On" in 2017, Local Examinations of "Justice"


You don't get it.
These days a person with a penis can claim to be a woman, Trump can claim to be capable of being POTUS etc etc
So anything goes.

So does Raquel Welch (who is half Bolivian), or Rashida Jones (her father is Quincy Jones), or a lot of POC and mixed-raced people who "look white" - so what's your point?
Rex Tillerson is not just the CEO of Exxon-Mobil with billions at stake in Russia, he's a complete Putin lackey even receiving a freaking medal from Putin himself!
For the more conspiratorially minded we now know that the Russians hacked the GOP servers too and took all that data. Trump has partied a few times in Moscow so there's pretty good odds that they have kompromat, aka compromising material, on him and all the GOP's dirty laundry too that they pulled from their servers.
Goodbye Eastern Europe. It was nice knowing you.

Oh, so in other words you had no point in bringing up her skin tone - other than to bring up her skin tone, got it.

To be fair, @1/@4 seems like the kind of person who won't wash their hands after taking a public bathroom poop at the ballpark and then goes back to their seat to eat their fries using those same hands.
@5: The intelligence community is not in agreement over any Russian hacking of the RNC (The FBI says there is not any compelling evidence, for example), and Julian Assange has been very clear that his source was/is a DNC insider that leaked the data to him, he did not have help from a Russian hacker, or any actors for the Russian government.

Everyone is really going crazy with the conspiracy theories and fake news stories over this. Believe who you will, but there is no way of knowing what happened yet. A bipartisan investigation needs to be set up.
@8, No. The intelligence community is in agreement on this. They've put out official statements about it. The CIA and NSA have been very explicit about it and shown the evidence.
The fake news and rightwing blogosphere is peddling misinformation like what you spewed above in attempt to make their side not look bad.
@9: You know how I know you are lying or misinformed? You claimed that the CIA and NSA shared their evidence with the public in an ongoing investigation. Turn off the fake news.