Facebook Will Take Some Responsibility For Fake News—But Is It Enough?


Fakebook filtering out what it deems not in accordance with a certain view of reality? Great. North Korea here we come!
The real problem is that there are an awful lot of bone-jarringly stupid people out there.

There's no fix for that.
Pretty bizarre when a US "newspaper" not openly takes a position that censorship is good, but also but also laments whether there's enough of it.

Not regretting closing my Fascistbook account a few years ago.
Great, so I won't see any more posts about how Hillary stole votes in Brooklyn by my hipster dipsh*t friends who live there or that Monsanto created the Zika virus with ridiculous headlines like “Monsanto is Killing Your Children”?
So anything from Fox News is scored as likely (p~0.87) fake news?

"Not regretting closing my Fascistbook account a few years ago."

So....No friends, eh?

(sorry.... couldn't resist)
@6 ..... and Young Turks and Lee Camp.
@3, A private media company purging itself of fake news is itself an act of free speech because Facebook has a right to not have its reputation sullied by people using their platform to spread conspiracy theories to the 10-watt bulbs who believe them. It's probably best for us all that you deleted your profile.

Once again I am stunned that a proud conservative 'patriot' does not understand the most basic American values.
The only thing more stupid than believing fake news is to censor it.
Good point Blip. Facebook's decisions are business decisions, not government censorship. But there is a slippery slope between the two.
@9 Not defending @3 but he/she/it did not invoke the 1st amendment - he/she/it called it censorship. Which, in fact, it is. It's their right, of course, to censor content on their private space and as you point out probably good for their business.

But I refer you to @10.
@11, The issue is that there are people who are fabricating completely false 'news' stories from whole cloth and there is currently no way to distinguish those from fact-checked journalism in your facebook feed. If facebook were to create a scoring system to flag articles/media outlets it would help greatly without having to block the offending sites from posting (though personally I think they should do that too, at least for the more egregious cases).
Who says they can't do it? I haven't heard that argument. But certainly, and obvious most people, censorship in all formats is a bad thing. Cheering for it is beyond fucked up.
There are lots of people who, frankly, don't care whether such "news articles" are fake or not; they repost them because these stories reinforce the confirmation bias they already hold, and nothing - no deluge of facts, evidence, or what-have-you - is going to sway them off that. What they BELIEVE is more important to them than what IS, and they're never going to change.
@15 Flagging complete made up bullshit as complete made up bullshit = 'censorship'?

That kind of sounds a lot like complete made up bullshit.
Media outlets make decisions every single day not to run stories based on the lacking credibility of their sources but we don't call that censorship because that stretches the definition of the word well past its commonly understood meaning.

Most people recognize that media outlets have both a financial interest and a social/cultural one for not running with stories that have not been verified. Having millions of people reading completely false stories and believing they are true is really bad for reasons that should be obvious to you. Publishing false news stories corrodes the trust of the public in the media outlet in particular, and in all media generally.
Pretty much all mainstream news is completely full of shit, as evidenced by Trump winning when we kept being told Hillary was going to mop the floor with him. Extremely sorry-ass left-leaning bias permeates American journalism, so I'm not at all surprised fascists would cheer something like this.
@19, Your inability to distinguish between 'media outlet I disagree with editorially' and 'some guy who just makes shit up and publishes it on the web' appears to be a chronic problem because I'm pretty sure we've had this discussion before. You should really consider having that checked out. For pretty much everyone else this is fairly straightforward business decision for a massive media outlet like Facebook, though we may disagree about the necessity and/or logistics of it.

Best of luck figuring out whatever it is that's wrong with you.
Public trust in corporate media is at an historical low. In such context, it is not surprising at all that propagandists find easy targets. Censoring "fake news" without addressing lack of trust in coporate media is not going to solve anything.
They are just allowing "flagging" of suspicious news stories. Their bar is very high. And they send the story, after it has been flagged multiple times, to be checked by reputable sources. After it has been verified as fake (like, fabricated out of whole cloth, not just biased or inaccurate) they then attach a warning so that anyone forwarding it is made aware that the story is fabricated, and they give links as proof. They do not prevent the person from forwarding it-ie, it is not in any way censored (Jesus!). There are several ways to verify which stories are fake, for example, if they come from a source whose sole purpose is to synthesize fake news, like some Foreign sites that disguise themselves as real news sites (a guy from Slate gave some examples on the PBS Newshour tonight). Finding the source of the story and verifying its authenticity seems like a bare minimum for these sorts of stories that are passed around to millions, have no author listed, and have television network logos plastered all over them (meant to mislead).
The sad/funny thing is that the skepticism of and rejection of Establishment shenanigans like this is what propelled Trump into the White House. So, after losing legislatures across the country and the presidency to a ham sandwich, what does the Left do? Instead of realizing people are tired of being controlled by their know-whats-good-for-you overlords and scaling back the bullshit, they increase it. Goodnight, American Left. You are terminally ill. The Establishment lacks the self-awareness to terminate itself.
@22, Whoa, someone needs a reality check. Fact-checking is censorship and the, uh, establishment's insistence that news articles must be based on reality have whisked Trump into the White House with a resounding mandate of negative 3 million votes, somehow. Now his cabinet of working-class billionaires can finally make government work for the common man by shaking down our public institutions to line their already fat pockets. Your silly expectation that we view reality on its own terms is the problem here, certainly not that a terrifying number of Americans are breathtakingly dumb and really angry about it.
Look inward, Left. Look inward.