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The letter in your column this week about Trump Minus 100 parties totally made me cry! This is the best idea I've heard since the election. I really hope someone runs with this and makes it a thing. Nothing special to say otherwise. I love your podcast and listen to it every Tuesday whilst I make gold and diamond wedding bands (people always ask me what I listen to in the studio, and it's not Mozart...).

You Made Me Cry

Thanks for writing, YMMC, but about those Trump Minus 100 parties...

I'm sure others have pointed this out already, but Trump, if inaugurated, will leave office in January 2021, not January 2020. So you have to add another 365 days to that calendar and three more parties. Sorry.

And in response to DONE, we urban liberal white people don't reach out to our family back in Pigknuckle County because they are horrible, irredeemably stupid people whose unearned and absolutely unjustified sense of superiority makes them react with brutal hatred to any opinion that differs from theirs in the slightest. We go back there for two days every other year at Thanksgiving and grit our teeth through cigarette smoke, Fox "News", Jeeeebus and poorly prepared, bland food before we cook up an excuse to rush back to the city and breathe a sigh of relief.

Desparing In Atlanta

And one more letter about this week's column...

I am a longtime reader who has never written, but your column today inspired me to ask something not normally in your bailiwick: In response to DILDO you used the word "gift" and "gifted" as verbs. Until about the day before yesterday they were a noun and adjective, respectively. "Give" and "given" are perfectly fine verbs that no one seems to use any more ("gifted" used to mean, of course, "very talented or intelligent" which makes your phrase "gifted dildo" amusing). I know that you are merely riding a wave of common usage and am aware that such usage changes, but this change seems a bit nonsensical. Replacing a word with another very similar word seems a bit odd (I did once have someone explain to me that "gifted" was used to indicate a really super duper meaningful gift. like an engagement ring or some such). I guess my only question is: Why?

Grumpy Old Anglican Teacher

Why would I use "gift" as a verb? Dunno. I guess my mom and dad didn't parent me right.

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